When Will The Pandemic End?

laitman_624.03Question: Now many former joys are fading into the background. Some people are changing their habits. Others are in a hurry to restore their old lives, and this is impossible to stop because people have to eat, drink, stay warm, etc.

How, then, should people begin to change?

Answer: The change should begin with the fact that people need to understand what they need to eat, drink, be warmed by, that they should provide themselves the most necessary, but nothing beyond the necessary. And then the pandemic will end. Everyone will be properly assigned for the work necessary for society. But no more than that.

The virus will not allow us to return to the past just to earn pieces of paper. This will not happen.

Question: From various sources, including the World Health Organization, information is coming that people need to prepare for new waves of diseases in the fall and winter. It is not clear whether they want to scare us or if this is a real assumption?

Answer: I think the same pandemic will continue. It will come and go in waves, and no vaccine will help us.

After all, it is not about medicine, but about people correctly perceiving their attitude to nature, the environment, and society. It must change. If their attitude changes, this will be the vaccine.
From KabTV’s “Today’s International Situation” 6/18/20

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