My Thoughts On Twitter 7/12/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The economy really does need to crash, as it is built on limitless consumption. So when governments try to force the preservation of the consumption economy that speaks to their ties to business, compelling them to artificially prop up consumption for the sake of profit.
The link between governments and money is evident!

The Creator is beating us, and healing us with His blows! The countries that are suffering more today, being forced to shut down the economic ties of yesterday, are going to have an easier time entering a new format of self-sufficient economy and lifestyle by producing only essential products.

Rather than try and annul the non-essential industries and companies, governments are trying to keep them afloat. And yet, it is these efforts that will surely hasten the demise of business and the mad #economy, which is on its last legs.

Hordes of viruses are coming our way. This is for my own good. Everything that happens in the world is for humanity’s sake—for us to grow up and change a bit…
From Twitter, 7/12/20

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