My Thoughts On Twitter 7/7/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Having received the blow of the coronavirus, we feel like we are one small village. The virus teaches us that we need a heart-to-heart closeness and a physical distance that helps us connect our hearts. It directs us to uplift the spirit, rather than join our bodies on the material plane.

The people of Israel will increasingly side FOR or AGAINST uniting in the fight against the virus. This will serve as a change in their status and show a good or bad example to the whole world. We need to explain to the people what determines our future!

To the extent that we are divided, we cause the nations of the world to hate us. After all, they subconsciously expect us to call for and give an example of unification, where the #purpose and good #future of the world will be revealed.
By arousing hatred towards us, the Creator urges us toward the goal through suffering. That’s too bad…

Why did #Israel first succeed with handling of the coronavirus  and then took a dive?
– Because it didn’t use its success to show the world how to unite correctly. Instead, it demonstrated a return to the old social ego-relations. Now it will seek the correct format of relations!
From Twitter, 7/7/20

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