My Thoughts On Twitter 7/13/20

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Every day we are getting closer to the correct perception of reality, although the impression of what is happening each day is that of complete demise. It is the Creator’s work to make us realize that only the Creator Himself can correct us.
If we agree to it, He will correct us!

The fight should not be for women’s rights, but for their ability to influence society. If women want to advance, they must learn a lot and, in accordance with this, unite correctly, learn about their mission, and with fitting sense and wisdom realize their purpose.

Only by uniting can women change the situation in the world and restore order. Usually women are fighting for their own rights, for equality, which resembles a family quarrel. I’m talking about a spiritual war. #Women are the mothers of humanity. They must oblige the whole world to change.

It is written that the Third Temple is not built by people out of stone, but is built from hearts of stone that become alive, become one heart—a Temple filled with the Creator, the light of love.

In our days, we must come to realize that the Temple of love and connection that existed but was destroyed 2,000 years ago is ours to rebuild with the force of the Mashiach, which MOSHECH (pulls) us out of the ego. Thus the Temple of love and connection among all of the world’s people will be restored.

Unlike all other transitions between structures that took place following a boom of the ego in people, the true transition happens following the transformation of egoism to altruism. That is why it is so destructive, long, painful, and dependent on changing our consciousness!

The Three Weeks (Bein ha-Metzarim) symbolizes a spiritual state in which we must endure spiritual pressure. But we failed to endure, which brought about the ruin of the Temple, the spiritual screen, the bond between us. Today we remember that breaking as we prepare to rebuild the walls of the Temple, the screen!

Everybody’s waiting for the coronavirus pandemic to end. But this is only the beginning. After all, it needs to change the mindset of the entire humanity. And humanity still needs time to feel this state, to understand where it’s leading us and to what end. And then to understand how to change towards unity!

The whole world will constrict to the level of “essential and sufficient.” In this respect, humans will become like animals, as our bodies are indeed animals. And only spiritually will we devote all our efforts to being like the Creator! That kind of growth is limitless!
From Twitter, 7/13/20

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