Find Your Place In The System Of Nature

Laitman_632.3Baal HaSulam, “The Peace“: Thus, I have evidently proven from the perspective of empirical reason—out of the practical history unfolding before our very eyes—that there is no other cure for humanity but the acceptance of the commandment of Providence: bestowal upon others in order to bring contentment to the Creator in the measure of the two verses.

The first is “love thy friend as thyself,” which is the attribute of the work itself. This means that the measure of work to bestow upon others for the happiness of society should be no less than the measure imprinted in man to care for his own needs. Moreover, he should put his fellow person’s needs before his own, as it is written in the article, “Matan Torah” (Item 4).

Question: How can we move from some pragmatic calculations that now in the time of crisis no one can put together, to understanding the connection and higher level we must take upon ourselves, which involves complying with the laws of the upper governance, becoming included in them, and helping everyone feel some kind of support?

Answer: Rising to the next level of perception of reality comes down to the fact that we enter the sensation of eternity, perfection, infinity, and most importantly, into a single, common, perfect, integrated reality.

If we begin to feel nature as an absolutely integral system, we will also know our place in it, where my cell is located in it. In this way, I will understand the meaning of my existence in relation to the great union of individuals, and everything will become clear to me.

The main thing is to separate yourself from your individualism, your egoism, and look at nature from an integral aspect so that you see the whole picture as one unified whole. This is a completely different perception of reality where I do not feel separate objects and phenomena but see the entire picture.

Then I can understand myself in a completely different way: Where am I in this picture? And I am not in it. I feel separated from everything. So, I am experiencing it incorrectly. It means that I am in a kind of unconscious state, detached from true life, from the whole vast picture of nature. How can I perceive it correctly? This is what I want.

And if I begin to perceive it correctly, I will see my place in it and discover what I lack to become integrally connected with everyone. It will become clear to me what my job is, what my duty is, what my connection is with the others, and how others are connected to me. I will come to the level of this eternal, perfect, integral, unified nature and  understand the meaning of it and my existence.

And right now, I absolutely do not understand what all this is for. I look at everything: it exists, it turns, and I am with them. But why, I don’t know.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/17/20

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