Why Is The Value Of Family Declining?

laitman_627.1Question: In the last 20 years, the family unit began to disintegrate. Today, especially in developed European countries, a huge number of people live alone.

And now nature has put us in quarantine through the coronavirus where we are confined in the family circle, if we have one. Does this mean that nature is trying to bring us back to a natural cell?

Answer: Nature is forcing us to unite. We must come to it in the right, positive way, voluntarily realizing this necessity and also that the whole of human society, all 8 billion people, are one common organism called Adam.

Either we will consciously unite to complement each other into the system of Adam or we will be forced to do this under the pressure applied by nature, like the coronavirus.

Question: Can a family naturally learn the right attitude toward each other and then treat others the same way?

Answer: Yes. But family is a purely natural interaction. It exists in animals to a certain extent. But in human society, this unit is very special, interesting, enduring , and rich in nuances. This is the unit from which society should develop.

But since society is currently not developing in the right direction to reach the level of the Creator toward the next stage of human existence, the human level is getting destroyed. And so, the family unit is disintegrating.

Remark: Looking at the statistical data, I noticed an overwhelming amount of conflict in families. Therefore, it is unlikely that a person can learn anything by looking at the relationships that exist in the family.

My Comment: Indeed, this is so. But only because there is no goal to unite the family.

It turns out that the family exists for the husband and wife to work somewhere from morning till night. In the evening, they come home, devote a few minutes to the children, have dinner, most often with prepared foods, and go to bed. This does not unite the family, does not form a unit. Children are a burden to them. They send them to kindergarten, then to school, and rarely see them.

Life is arranged in such a way that only separates us. Thus, the very structure of life, work, and society destroys the family.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era,” 4/23/20

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