The Coronavirus And The Family

laitman_623Question: The uncertainty associated with the epidemic and about how long it will last is reflected in the psyche of children and parents. At first everyone was euphoric: we are staying at home, we are uniting, we have a family, everything is wonderful. It took a week, two or three weeks, to a month to become clear that serious quarrels are taking place at home.

How to hold out? You say: “The virus helps us understand the meaning of life.” But people are annoyed, they do not know what to do, they cannot control themselves.

Answer: We are going through a reprogramming of our attitude toward ourselves and the world. The person in us is changing. There was a person like that in me, and now he is slowly being replaced by a different one in the way I will perceive the world, the way I will think, conceive, what I will remember, and what I will subdue in myself and so on. That is, everything is changing.

This is what is happening to all of us; we all are participating in it. We need to explain all of this.

Question: Do you think people will listen when they are in such a state?

Answer: They will hear precisely because they are in such a state. Because it is all very important to them. Of course, they will hear!

Question: We have to say: “Look, the epidemic will not end tomorrow. But you have to make peace in this world of yours. How do you do it?” How can they make at least relative peace at home between parents and two or three children?

Answer: We need to constantly play among ourselves in the future world.

You will not see what is simply happening to us, but what opportunities it is giving us. It turns out that it needs our cooperation, our partnership. This is where we should be.

I would even say, we should be in clearer reciprocity, which is more internal, sincere, spiritual, desirable, in feelings, in thoughts, in everything, in reciprocity between us and the program that is currently working on us so that even before it starts to twist and change us, we ourselves would like to feel it and change with it.

Question: As a parent that feels we are being pushed together, how should I deploy this program? What should I understand?

Answer: You should be kind to each other and try to reveal this program between us. It will be gradually revealed between us, and we will treat it more and more kindly, openly, affably. We will wish that it will enter us. And it will lead us to the correct interaction between us. We will become friendly until we love each other.

Question: If I start talking with this program, then I don’t resist?

Answer: Yes, of course! You will reveal the Creator in it.

Comment: But people do not understand this.

My Response: And I will explain it to them! What kind of force is changing us today and turning all of humanity upside down? What is this little program?

The internal force in this program is the upper force of nature because it is manifested specifically in man, and man is still the highest stage of the development of nature. It changes him and is directed precisely at him.

Question: How can we change this relationship? Give us some advice.

Answer: The sooner we get to the integral interaction of all parts of nature, the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and most importantly, human, the sooner we come to the conclusion that this is an integral system of interaction, mutual support, etc., the faster we will get to the state of happiness, fulfillment, eternity! Not mortification, as it is today, but eternity and perfection. All this will be awakening between

us. We will see it in front of us.

The virus is bringing us liberation from our egoism! If we wish it, of course.

Question: What is a good attitude?

Answer: To be in absolute interaction. Parents, children, grandparents, and so on. We all are the same elements of the single system. This is the first thing.

The second one is, pets are a must! You treat them in such a way that they feel your attitude to them and feel their attitude to you: what you demand from them so that this is all built on interaction. Do not treat them as animals, and do not treat them as equal to you. You must treat them as elements of the creation, from which you demand a correct, reasonable response.

Question: How should I treat children?

Answer: The same is true about children. Children are actually adults who simply have a much more limited understanding of the world around them. But to the extent that they understand it, they are obliged to reasonably participate in it. And you have to explain it to them, to treat them like that, and they will understand it.

You correct yourself and your soul by the way you treat children and household members.

Question: How should one treat one’s wife or one’s husband?

Answer: In exactly the same way as oneself! That is, the most important thing is that you support each other in your mutual actions, in understanding what is happening to you.

Question: What are my concessions regarding the other, so as not to suppress him, but to comply with him?

Answer: I annul myself in order to be the correct element in the system of the universe. I have a reasonable attitude to everything.

Question: Because we are inside the system and must correspond to it?

Answer: Yes. The integral system of nature should reveal before us, inside us, around us, more and more in our sensations, and in it we will see this huge program called “the Creator.”

We are in one system, in one world, in one globe, in one sphere. Inside this sphere everyone is equal; everyone is interconnected; everyone is friendly; everyone is connected by the feelings of mutual love, concessions, and mutual assistance. Nobody thinks about himself, but thinks only about others.

This is the law of the interconnected integral system of the world. We will necessarily get to it. But the sooner we get to it, the sooner we will understand what nature, the Creator, demands from us, and we will really discover a wonderful future.

Question: Is this what the virus wants from us? Is it launched into the world by this system?

Answer: Yes, of course. Where else does it come from? It has existed in it, we just have not been able to discern it. By our creepy behavior, we eventually squeezed it out of there. And now it appears from the opposite side.

Question: It is saying: “Come back home. Stop wandering around”?

Answer: Of course.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 4/6/20

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