The Coronavirus Identifies Social Problems

36Question: The coronavirus has revealed another problem. On the one hand, nature separates us from each other, and on the other hand, we have to spend more and more time with our loved ones. As a result, divorces began in China after the epidemic ended. What does nature want to tell us?

Answer: I am not very familiar with China, and I can only say one thing. If previously people worked 12 hours a day or even more, which is natural for the Chinese, and during the epidemic they had to spend 24 hours a day at home, then perhaps this turned out to be an overwhelming burden for them.

The Chinese are workaholics; they cannot live like Europeans. I can’t imagine a Chinese men sitting at home all day and switching television channels. They are very attuned to some goal, to profit. And if suddenly it all disappeared, then, of course, it brings either divorces or suicides, but something should be here.

Question: It’s not even about China. A huge number of social problems arise precisely in the family. Nature has separated us from strangers, but now I spend all day with my loved ones and see them all the time. Maybe this is some kind of hint that I must first correct relations with loved ones because it is simpler, easier?

Answer: First of all, we should just understand what to do.

Today, man does not know why he is participating in this whole game of nature. He does not understand what it is doing with us, what the purpose is. He sees that we have long been following a certain chain of events.

And why these events? He does not understand what is happening to him; he does not know. He sees that we are developing technologically and at the same time we are developing family, social, and state relations. But he does not realize the intention of nature, he does not see why and what it’s all for.

Man needs to have his eyes opened and be told where our development leads us. After all, this is not just a stupid development of nature, which is supposedly evolving according to some kind of mechanical laws. There is a plan in it, and it is impossible to take any action if you do not initially imagine it in some more or less finished state.

It seems to us, as young children: “So I will do something, and something will work out.” There is no such thing in nature. Its ultimate goal is in the original intention.

It consists in bringing all of nature to an integral form in which the beginning, all actions, and the end would appear as absolutely complemented, interconnected with each other. Nature seeks to become integral, completely connected in all its parts and at all its levels. We are developing toward this.

And when we enter into a break with the law of nature to bring everything to equivalence, integrity, interdependence, we begin to feel nature as directed against us. Therefore, all kinds of viruses appear, volcanoes wake up, forests burn, hurricanes develop, etc.
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus Changes Reality,” 3/19/20

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