The Future Form Of Society

laitman_227Question: Can we introduce the next stage of our society now? Or will this model manifest itself as we develop, rise, and begin to become integrated in it? Is this process intermittent or gradual?

Answer: I think that we should begin to develop this process ourselves since it has already been described in the writings of great people and there is no reason to refuse what they have achieved. We must use their conclusions and accomplishments and build a system of education and upbringing for all of humanity on this basis.

Question: How will the whole society develop? Some people predict a dictatorship, others see furthering democracy, and there are even views regarding Nazism and fascism, some see rather tough measures and, others, softer measures. But, so far, no actual model has been brought forth for  economic, social, or political relations.

Will that part of society’s life, which concerns the material world and people’s interests, be gradually manifested or can it be modeled now as we move toward the realization of a plan that we understand?

Answer: We must have a social discussion of what we really need and what we don’t. This can be understood by the state of modern society; how much are certain professions and certain consumer goods needed? We know how we pollute the Earth and how all the oceans are contaminated, etc. We need to pause and have a very serious scrutiny regarding our mistakes.

Only after that can we reduce our interference in the world around us and create a system that would work only to provide humanity with essential material goods and maximal spiritual content.
From the TV program: “Unemployment In The Post-Coronavirus World,” 5/5/20

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