Preparing Experts In Human Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The notion of upbringing is usually associated with children. But if I understand you correctly, you are saying that I need upbringing? I came here to learn, to acquire knowledge, and if you plan on “bringing me up,” you automatically are classifying me as “immature.”

Answer: I will give you the following definition.

An egoist:

–  Has lost his or her path and life’s direction and does not know how to make a good and wonderful life for him or herself;

–  Is full of demands and does not know how to realize them;

–   Is unhappy he does not know how to provide for his family;

–   Worries about his or her children who are getting worse every day and are escaping from his control;

–   Fails to see future perspectives, has lost hope, and doesn’t trust himself, his relatives, his family, or the entire world;

–   Tunes these thoughts out so as not to think about them, and this is why he is still able to tolerate this life, which is worse than death;

–   Finds himself in the center of a multifaceted and essentially, a total, common crisis encompassing all areas of life: the environment, society, nature, and ecology, including the ability to build oneself and the environment;

–   Is broken, destroyed, and facing a dead end!

And recently, even the frameworks that existed have broken. He was a workaholic, a slave to his master, brainwashed by pop culture imposed upon him by television and corrupt mass media. And lately he discovers that he has lost any direction since he does not have a job; now he really sees that everything is over and he doesn’t know what to do next. He has lost everything! And then he is ready to listen a bit.

I do not go this person to list all the abovementioned bitter definitions. I tell him: “You are a person! You can now change your life. Let us see what we have today.” And I gradually tell him about all the flaws and the way we can correct them by building a society, an environment, that will change us, and we will want a new life.

Let’s see how we can achieve security, health, a happy family life, good children and a proper upbringing and education for them. Let’s see how we can find work and also give people fulfillment in life, an atmosphere of hope and confidence. How can this be attained?

We need to change ourselves for this. Society is everyone of us and the relationships between us. Let us start changing it: How is that possible? A person’s only free choice, his only way to change himself and human society, is through the influence of the environment.

What is the influence of the environment? Where is the environment that influences me? I would tell them, “You are intelligent; you are not stupid. Your state is really bad, it is of absolute helplessness, but you are not helpless. You can educate yourself. Of course you lack proper upbringing, no doubt about that! But you can do it independently. Let’s see how we can build an environment to educate ourselves.”

No one will come and tell you what to do; no one will blame you saying, “Stop fighting and be good children.” We need to be adults, wise, and to independently build our environment. Nature did this on purpose so we people would use it to change. We lift ourselves through the society.”

If the environment is the only thing that can influence a person, then we need to build an environment to influence us. You are in the process of educating yourself; no one will come to educate you. Even though I am the teacher and I am explaining what needs to be done, it is together that we discover the problem, discuss it, and wish to find the form of bestowal that will change us and form the new environment.

I do not treat you like a small child; I rely on your realization of evil and your analytical ability. I believe in your ability to attain a level of development when you will understand the entire creation, the entire world, and together we will also change all of humanity, which will begin to improve itself.

No one will descend from the heavens, appear on the horizon, and begin to educate this enormous kindergarten, which represents humanity. For the first time in history, we are developing in a way where a person creates himself. This is why this crisis does not give us any chance to develop unless every one of us begins to elevate the human in him. Every person must rise to the level of cooperation, compassion, mutual work, participation, mutual guarantee and love for his neighbor. This is referred to as bringing yourself up to the human level. We must do this consciously, thoughtfully, with understanding and knowledge of what we are doing.

Of course at first we do not know or understand anything. We begin with a series of lessons, conversations, and seminars so that together we achieve certain conclusions and continue to develop little by little. All these conclusions gradually accumulate and collect into a certain image, a single conclusion: We need an environment. And we build our own environment in our class while we study.

We are not just students or a group of children, playing as if in kindergarten; we know what we are doing, why we are doing it, and the changes these actions are supposed to make in us. Every person must become a psychologist and a sociologist for himself and other people. Every person must grow to the level of a specialist in the matters of humanity and human nature!

Of course there are two opposite states present here. Of course, when you just come to study in the beginning, you might be upset that I am planning to educate you, as if you were deficient. You are not to blame for anything: You were brought up this way; you were made this way, and this is why you are in a state of a crisis. But I respect your ability and your potential to completely correct the face of the world!

Today I started the conversation with saying that we are all like the people lost in the desert! That is right, this is our state! And now we must chose a direction, find the way to a good life, and together we will figure this out. And once we figure it out and lay out this path on our own, we will build an abundant world in the middle of our desert!
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 8, 1/5/12

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  1. When the water descends, the entire desert will bloom with life

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