Correction Of The World, Part 1

Dr. Michael LaitmanDefining the problem: The free fall of the world into a global crisis and a threatening lack of natural resources (oil, water, and so on) make it necessary to transform the global economy into an economy of reasonable consumption.

Many people, including businessmen, economists, politicians, and others agree with this conclusion. However, no one can imagine the possibility of human existence without competition, according to the principle of “to each according to his needs.” It’s even more difficult to envision a peaceful, coordinated transition to reasonable, limited production and consumption.

The future appears to be a society of reasonable consumption created by a few survivors of the world war. Is a peaceful transition to the practice of reasonable consumption an option?

The solution to a peaceful transition to a reasonable consumption: We need to create a critical mass of intelligent people who realize that the current system no longer works. The role (cause) of the crisis is to radically increase the number of people prepared to assess the real problems wisely and sensibly.

The main task during this period is to maximize the number of people who are conscious of the problem, explaining the actual mechanisms that operate in the world so that their attitude to the world will be objective, constructive, and based on the correct value system. This period ends when the number of people comprehending humanity’s problem correctly becomes large enough to produce a significant impact on society.

Development of a model society of reasonable consumption, ensuring its normal development: The model consists of economic and spiritual parts. Spiritual development and fulfillment have to compensate for the human need for economic growth beyond what is necessary.

Implementation of the model:

  1. Creating and improving an education network. Teaching about life according to the developed model of a society of reasonable consumption.
  2. Actual implementation.

Urgent tasks:
Today, we are in the middle of the first of the four phases:

  • The development of a network structure that would explain the critical state of humanity and the only sustainable model of the future society to the adult population. Defining the principles of integral education of children, which are necessary for providing them with survival skills in the new (integral) conditions of nature.
  • The development of an economic model.
  • The development of a spiritual model.
  • The promotion of the economic and spiritual models to the world through the network structure.

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