On The Threshold Of A New Formation: “Integral Society” Part 1

laitman_592.01The coronavirus turned our whole life upside down, instantly stopping production. As if someone had turned off a switch and stopped a mechanism that worked according to certain laws, according to a certain routine and familiar patterns.

Suddenly, all this stopped and humanity entered a new era, leaving businessmen in complete confusion and uncertainty about what will happen next.

It seems that every day the laws of the new world, which the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us, began to manifest themselves more and more. They should replace the old world we still exist in with our egoistic psychology. It is clear that something completely new is being born that obliges us to change our attitude to life, to work, to family, to ourselves, and to the world.

Further, all depends on whether we will be stubborn like naughty children who do not want to listen to their parents, and therefore will be forced to learn the laws of the new world that nature teaches us by the stick. Let us hope that we will be able to explain to all of humanity that we are witnessing a change in social structure right before our eyes.

Throughout our history, we have gone through many formations: the primitive communal system, slavery, feudalism, and capitalism. And now we are entering a new formation, which is completely different from all previous ones because it is based on a fundamentally new relationships between people.

All of us will have to get closer to each other, understand that we live in an integral world, and that we are obliged to bring human society in line with this integral world; that is, we must build an integral society. Only in this form can we survive in modern conditions and move to a new stage quickly, easily, and pleasantly, with understanding and awareness.

Otherwise, nature will have to urge us on with blows, third and fourth world wars, and terrible sufferings, about which the prophets wrote that “merciful mothers will eat their babies.” In other words, a person will completely lose his human appearance when passing from one formation to another.

We are at a transition stage, from the principles that have been nurtured in humanity for many generations to completely new laws that will now have to be implemented in production. But to do this, first people need to change, not just businesses. In order to organize a new production sphere that operates under different laws, it is necessary to change the businessmen themselves so that they know how to do it.

First of all, businesspeople and company owners must agree with the need for change in themselves, recognize that they live in a new time that requires them to make qualitative changes. No matter what kind of change it is, I know that I must accept it, no matter what, because without it there will be no life for me, my family, or the whole world.

And although I do not like or want these changes that break my old habits, I know that this is the call of the time. First of all, there must be an agreement to change, that is where it all starts. This is called the point of recognition of evil. Everything that was before is no longer good, and therefore is called evil.

And it is possible that it was very good for the time being but no longer corresponds to today’s principles, and therefore is considered evil. Whether I want it or not, I must give it up and enter a new life, a new format.

Entrepreneurs will have to realize that the demand for change comes from nature. It is important to understand that this is not the machinations of banks, law enforcement agencies, or scientists-virologists, but comes from nature itself, and therefore, we can only bow our heads and accept it as sent from above. Nature is above us, and we have no choice but to study this phenomenon and accept the changes.

We need to see where nature leads us in our development. Kabbalah explains that nature leads us to integration, to the integral world, because this is the main, fundamental law of nature, which is all one. One force governs the whole of reality. The entire universe is governed by this force, and man must also be included in this force.

If we do not want it but still oblige ourselves to bow before this one force, then we make the best possible change in ourselves.

After all, from this contradiction: “against” and “for,” from our disagreement and readiness to step over it, we begin to understand what nature wants from us, by what principles it exists and realizes the entire reality, and how everyone can join into this reality with all its forces, at will, in order to swim in one common stream, along the flow of the entire universe toward the future.
From KabTV’s “A New Life,” 6/22/20

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