Final Correction Is On Its Way!

laitman_962.2We have already passed through so many different tests in our history, and now we have only one special state left: final correction. We need to reveal this state of final correction to see that it is realized here and now in everything that happens to us.

The final correction is already underway, it has come into effect, and we are in this process. Let’s just open our eyes to this, and not judge with such a narrow, blinkered, selfish view of what is good for us and what is bad.

Let’s expand our perception and see what the Creator is doing to all of humanity. He does not take into account our material life, but looks at how to fill all levels of desire, all HaVaYaH, all reality in an infinite measure.

This is how you need to see His attitude, let’s try to open our mind, our heart, to see that everything is done correctly, for our benefit, more and more is revealed openly. Look what the Creator does! He reveals himself to us in an integral form, around the entire globe. This has never happened since the creation of the world!

Humanity was scattered all over the earth from ancient Babylon, and now the Creator is once again bringing us together, into one family, albeit due to a blow. In fact, this blow is not so terrible; it is more psychological. Let’s approach it with understanding and awareness, try to justify the actions of the Creator and understand their necessity in order to attain Him. And then we will not see any problem in what is happening.

Try to see this process this way. The Creator gradually, with great care, inclines us to correction and slowly reveals our faults to us. He does this on a global scale.

We don’t understand what’s happening to us. In fact, now during the coronavirus pandemic, internal changes are taking place in each of us. Sometimes you can even notice how something changes in us: physically, mentally, psychologically, you just need to be more sensitive and subtle. We are all changing, all of humanity, from the most advanced people to the simplest, all over the world.

The upper light affects us, it moves closer and closer to reveal itself in us, and we must pass through these states with its help. You will have to suffer a little to feel that we have one common trouble because otherwise we can’t be linked together. With a good life, people move away from each other, and a common misfortune brings them closer. Therefore, the Creator brings us together with great care and love. He unites us with a common misfortune, someone’s illness and death.

But in this situation, we have time to think, to change internally. A wise man is one who sees a future perspective, that is, a new state that is born out of it. It is necessary to understand that all this leads us to an eternal and perfect, beautiful state—to the right connection between us in which the upper force, the field of the upper light, will be revealed, and will fill our minds and feelings with infinite attainment.

We will rise to the level of faith above reason. And we cry and blame the Creator for what He does to us, because we look out of our narrow egoism. It seems to us that all this is not good because we are separated from the final goal and evaluate only the momentary state. We need to think carefully about what is happening to us.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/9/20

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