Which Is Healthier—The Good Or The Evil?

laitman_547.04Question: You have repeatedly said that it is possible to conduct a statistical experiment: to take 1,000 people who live in this world egotistically—I care for myself and you care for yourself, they suppress or dominate others—and take 1,000 other people who are beginning to move toward each other, to connection with each other, and are beginning to clarify what it means to love your neighbor as yourself, and how not to do to others what you do not want done to you.

And if you thoroughly check the statistics regarding the 1,000 people in both groups, you will find that those who start a positive process of love for their neighbors will be much healthier and not prone to depression.

Is there any direct correlation here?

Answer: It is not as simple and primitive as it seems. Otherwise, nature would create us like that and that is it! We would be just clockwork toys that would nod to each other like bobbleheads?

Comment: I would be glad to see such a logical connection: I behave well, and am healthier.

My Response: No. Then everyone would be egoistic like that.

The fact is that in order to create a person similar to the Creator, he must be put against the Creator. It means creating the exact opposite. And then, a person should make himself similar to the Creator. By himself! By his own efforts. The problem is how to do it.

It will not work otherwise, because if you make a man just like the Creator, it would be a toy. It would be just a copy and that is it. He would be made and thrown away. There would be nothing in him from himself.

And if a man is opposite to the Creator and at the same time begins to create his similarity to the Creator by himself, then this will be Man. That is, having been created opposite, he will independently begin to fight within himself to become similar to the Creator. And this contrast will remain in him as his clear egoistic foundation.

Question: What is the Creator?

Answer: He is the anti-egoistic property of bestowal, the property of love. And a man will ask the Creator for it.

Question: That is, he will want to become loving and bestowing, like the Creator?

Answer: Yes.

Question: How can this desire emerge in him, in such a receiver?

Answer: The Creator arouses this desire in him. That is, He makes a man from egoism, a property opposite to Himself, and apart from that, he puts a small drop of His property in a person. Thus, a person consists of two parts, two sources. And here such opposite states are fighting in him, and he is simply torn apart from within—what, where, and how. And everyone is like that in his own way.

And if he reaches such a state when he really wants to make himself similar to the Creator, then he must ask the Creator for this. Can you imagine such work?!

To find within yourself the strength and desire to become similar to the Creator, that is, the opposite of yourself, and ask the Creator to make you the opposite of yourself. Then the Creator gradually, sequentially, step-by-step carries out such corrections on you. And a person gradually becomes more and more similar to the Creator.

This process is not easy, it breaks a person and twists him around with a grinding sound: kh, kh, kh! And then a man becomes a Man, Adam, similar to the Creator.

Question: You say that the time has come when a person begins to move toward this breakage by himself. He begins to feel the point of the Creator in himself more and more. What, besides suffering, makes him pay attention to it now?

Answer: When this point begins to speak up in a person, then there are no questions. It is just right, this is the truth, it is my innermost point, and it is the foundation of the world. This is the point of the Creator. This property is from a completely different level.

Comment: The Creator Himself creates a person to receive and for this world. He Himself inserts a point into a person that is similar to the Creator. He Himself turns it on and leads a person to Him. All this is done by the Creator.

My Response: Of course.

Question: The same question constantly arises here: “Don’t I have any freewill?”

Answer: You do. You are present for all this and still want this. You are a witness, an accomplice, a partner in this process.

Question: What is my main task here?

Answer: To want the Creator to do this to you: “Break! Break me.”

Question: Will a simple person understand you?

Answer: He will. He will understand that it is impossible to live in this state anymore. He will understand that he cannot bear himself.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 5/11/20

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