The Unperceivable Softness Of Our Existence

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Should we seek to change the shape of new desires?

Answer: Of course, after all, we have to resemble the Creator. If I resemble the Creator, I will be called a human being, Adam, which means that I am similar (Domeh) to the Creator. This is all my work.

But how can I resemble Him? After all, I don’t know Him. “Bring me a statue, an image, and accordingly I will be able to…” and then what?

I actually have to look for His form. In order to do so I must first soften my matter, my desire, so that it will be ready for changes.

But our ego is as hard as a rock, how can I soften it?

First I have to restrict (Tzimzum) it, to ascend above the egoistic desire and constantly be above it, and then draw the Light of Hassadim. The form of the matter is actually called Light. The matter becomes flexible, elastic, like plasticine or cotton wool. The size, the softness, and the flexibility of the matter is called the level of Hassadim.

“Make whatever you want of me to the extent that I am ready and that I can”; this is called Hassadim, and this is the level I must first reach.

We understand that this is possible only with the help of the environment, in it, I gradually exit myself and experience deep relaxation and freedom from my desire, only in order to acquire the ability to devote myself to the group. Then I go through all the levels of flexibility on top of the constantly growing ego. This means that I am not a partition or an obstacle in the way of the Light. I resemble the Creator, whom we don’t see or feel, and who doesn’t reveal Himself in anyway.

We call it: “Don’t do unto your friend what is hateful to you.” But one way or another, the essence of the correction is to transform myself into flexible matter on the upper level, which is so flexible that there is nothing like it in our world. Here we have to encounter some resistance, some reaction, in order to feel something. In spirituality, however, I reach a total lack of response. I am not even rubber or cotton wool and not something that is even softer. I am so airy that I am hardly felt at all.

This great softness of my matter, of my Aviut (thickness), allows me to feel the Creator’s form. This means the whole corrected form that is dressed in me, on my matter, and that lets me become acquainted with the Creator.

But how exactly do I know the Creator? After all, I constantly become softer and softer, as if I don’t exist at all.

The point is that this disappearance is part of my previous egoistic form. To the extent that I work on my egoistic form and make it as soft as possible, I attain the Creator. Everything is attained by the oppositeness of two forms. It is in the connection between two opposites and the clarification between them that I begin to feel His thought, the thought of creation. He created a contrast so that I existed, and I follow this opposition to the Creator. I will begin to attain His feeling, His mind, and His plan, His line of thought, according to the way He has created me.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/31/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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