Dementia – Is The Plague Of The 21st Century

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from France24): “G8 health ministers met in London on Wednesday to tackle what experts warn is a dementia time-bomb, with cases set to soar as the world’s population ages.

“Ministers from the Group of Eight wealthy nations gathered for their first-ever conference on the incurable condition, which afflicts some 44 million people worldwide — most of them elderly.

“They hope that by forming a common front, the summit will prove the turning point in tackling the disease.

“Sufferers of dementia, of which Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form, often end up needing full-time care as it attacks their memory, reasoning and other brain functions.

“Alzheimer’s Disease International warned in a report last week that the number of sufferers is set to surge, trebling to 135 million by 2050, as life expectancy rises around the globe.

“Dealing with dementia cost the world an estimated $604 billion (440 billion Euros) in 2010, according to the World Health Organization.

“The European Union’s health commissioner Tonio Borg announced a 1.2 billion euro budget for health research in 2014-2015, including dementia and neurodegenerative diseases.

“Dementia causes mood changes and problems with reasoning and communication as well as memory loss.

“Most types grow progressively worse and cannot be cured. Medication and therapy are used to alleviate the symptoms. …

“’As life expectancy goes up, our generation has a unique challenge: will those extra years at the end of our lives be ones we can look forward to with anticipation — or will they be ones we end up dreading?’ British health minister Jeremy Hunt said.

“One in three of us will get dementia. And if we don’t do better, for one in three those later years could be years of agony, heartbreak and despair — not just for those of us with the condition, but for our families, friends and loved ones too.”

My Comment: Nature is a global, integrated, closed system, and if we wish to receive from it more than we are supposed for rational existence, we pay for it with something else. Only bringing ourselves to the integral form—with rational instead of greedy consumption and with good connections between each other—will bring the entire system of creation into balance and will eradicate the problem of all diseases.

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