Subtleties Of Receiving In Order To Bestow

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can the desire to receive work in order to bestow?

Answer: It can if it has an intention of in order to bestow. In that case it gets a desire from someone else and that enables it to bestow.

Keter created the desire to receive, Hochma. At the end of this phase the desire felt a spark of bestowal, made it is main part, and now wants only to bestow.

Thus Bina was created, and its first three Sefirot (GAR of Bina) are similar to Keter. Just as in Keter, the red point (in the drawing) determines the essence of Keter so does bestowal determine the essence of Bina. As a result, the created being becomes similar to the Creator and follows His examples: Keter created Hochma, so Bina, too, took its lower half, the seven lower Sefirot (ZAT of Bina) from Hochma.

The question is whether it is receiving or bestowing when the lower part of Bina receives the Light of Hochma.

On the whole, it is about the action of the point itself, which feels bestowal by this action.

Subtleties Of Receiving In Order To Bestow
The upper part of Bina is a desire to bestow that is aimed at the Creator: It wants to bestow like Him (↑), and in order to do that it receives (↓). Its bestowal is actually in the filling of the seven lower Sefirot.

In the same way a mother feeds her baby and is happy for him, which means that it is possible to fill the vessels of receiving and by that to bestow.

Question: So how do the vessels of receiving in our case turn into vessels of bestowal?

Answer: After they are “restricted,” they are filled with the Light of Hassadim, this is already to bestow in order to bestow, Lishma (for Her Name). Then we can use them even to receive in order to bestow. Thus they become vessels of bestowal, since to receive in order to bestow is pure bestowal. This is the only way the created being can bestow.

On the other hand, to bestow in order to bestow doesn’t mean that it is real bestowal. It is only the preparation for actual bestowal, and this is the process of the correction of the vessels.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/24/13, Writings of Rabash

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