Notice The King Behind His Ministers

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe upper force controls and manages everything and below it there are “ministers,” forces that sustain all of reality. Reality is man, one soul, in which the Creator’s action, His thought, the active force exists.

This force is divided into many parts, into individual forces that operate on several levels and which seem to be opposite from one another on different levels, so the created being feels that this action is performed on him as if without any order. This is intentionally done so that we will be confused by the apparent disorder and will have an impression that is opposite from the truth, as if there is no Creator in reality, but only the created being’s force or some additional forces. We may think that the Creator exists, but His leadership is bad and has many flaws. Besides, the existing force seems to be aimed as if against the Creator and that everything doesn’t come from Him, in order to raise us above our corporeal reason.

But if a person really desires to see the King as the upper manager and to discover this above his own nature, then his perception is corrected and he discovers that everything is already ready for this correction. He fights in order to purify his vessels and to bring them to a state of to bestow in order to bestow by guarding the King, and at the same time corrects his vessels so that they will be to receive in order to bestow.

In the first war he acquires the force of faith, and in the second war he acquires the Light of Hochma, the understanding of the system, its plan, the reasons, and the goals by working with his vessels of receiving. Thus he learns how to understand and feel the upper Providence, by crowning the Creator as the one who rules above all the forces. It is because all these forces, both His ministers and those who seem to be His enemies, different criminals, murderers, and robbers, unite as a result of this war and as a person attributes them to one King.

He understands that the war is not against the forces that are hostile to him, but against himself, in order to discover the Creator in all these forces. This is the essence of all the wars.

Although we hear that “there is none else besides Him” and that He is good and benevolent, we have to go through all the levels in order to really feel that. We still have a long way to go in correcting ourselves through all the states that the Creator presents to us, by teaching us the art of understanding and the attainment of the system of His forces through them, so that we will be able to understand and to feel Him. To feel Him according to the rule of “from Your actions we shall know You.” Thus we gradually become more like Him.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/27/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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