My Thoughts On Twitter 7/14/20

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A ten is a complete block from the kli of Adam, the soul made by the Creator, like a cell in a body. The body of a soul comprises myriad such cells—tens. As a result of their development, they must combine together into a single body. Herein lies the #purpose of creation and our correction.

We must rejoice at descents as if they are ascents, to anticipate the impending ascent as we fall, meaning the advancement toward bestowing to one another and to the Creator, when we begin to understand and feel Him with renewed strength. A descent grants strength for a new ascent, like getting a running start before jumping.

It seems that the transition of our perception from egoistic to altruistic is impossible without the intervention of viruses that can transform the activity of the higher nervous system of a person into an altruistic program of perception and decision making.
From Twitter, 7/14/20

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