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921The Torah begins with the fact that the Creator created heaven and earth, day and night, darkness and light—opposite states. This is where it all begins.

The Creator always gives day, light. And the night, the darkness, is felt where nothing shines for us. We need to correct this feeling of night, darkness, to bring ourselves to such a state where the darkness shines like light and becomes like day.

It turns out that in any state we must feel the day, the presence of the Creator. If I feel night, darkness, helplessness, if there is no desire, energy, no urge for advancing, for bestowal, love, and unity, that is, for correction and connection into one soul of Adam HaRishon, then I need to correct this state.

It is only in regard to me that this appears as night, darkness, weakness, and hopelessness. I do not expect the Creator to change this state because “He will not quarrel to eternity…” I understand that these states were given to me intentionally so that I could change them by working in a group and praying, demanding my correction, and not asking the Creator to change the world around me.

I must be first in all the changes, and let the force of correction come from the Creator. With regard to the Creator, I always see myself as a criminal in need of correction, and therefore, I am grateful to the Creator for what He does for me. After all, my every state begins with the night, as it is written, “And there was evening and there was morning, one day.”

“Let every day be a new day,” that is, the Creator condenses the darkness for me more and more each time so that I can turn it into the light. If we are corrected, then day shines for us, we have adhesion with the Creator, revelation, attainment, understanding, and connection.

How does one not make a mistake and make sure that this is day and not night? If in this state I want to connect with my friends and the Creator, then this is a day. However, if I have no desire toward this, then this is not a real day, not the day of the Creator, but night, in which I am like a bat that can see at night. Yet, the bat sees only darkness, but thinks it is a day.

We need to clearly understand the difference between a rooster and a bat so that we do not get infected with viruses, such as the coronavirus that we got from bats. For the Creator, only day exists. And the bats that rule at night, that is, the forces of darkness and separation, fall asleep during the day because they are afraid of the real light, the light of bestowal, love, and unity.

We need to bring this light into the world, and then all the symbols and roots of darkness will disappear. The light of the Creator can only be attracted by awakening the light of Hassadim. After all, this is a necessary condition: the light of connection and love, the light of Hochma, will not shine without the dressing of the light of Hassadim. Therefore, first of all, we must take care of the light of Hassadim, the light of bestowal, the mutual embrace.

We do not have the strength to bestow yet, but we really want to achieve it. Having prepared the light of Hassadim, we will pull the light of Hochma through it. This work, when we try to see everything through the light of Hassadim, the light of bestowal to the Creator, is called faith above reason.

However, we appreciate the night as well because it shows us the place where we need to correct our attitude, correct the night. The day and night of the Creator in spiritual work are not light and darkness in the egoistic sense but day and night in the ability to rise above our egoism and achieve bestowal to each other and to the Creator.

What is light and darkness? Light is the force of bestowal. The light of love, the light of Hochma, will not awaken until there is the light of Hassadim. The Creator is revealed only in the light of Hassadim, in the light of bestowal from our side, according to the equivalence of form.

He wants to bestow, and we want to bestow. To the extent that we want to bestow to the Creator, we reveal what the Creator wants to bestow to us. The measure of our and His bestowal determines the condition for the revelation of the light of the Creator. It is like a guest and a host. If the guest has a desire to please the Host, then he allows himself to taste the food prepared by Him.

Spiritual connection means that we take care of each other so that everyone is in bestowal. I ask for others, and it works—the Creator shines through me. We all do this and receive light from the Creator that awakens the force of mutual bestowal in us.

Thus, the light of Hassadim emerges between us within which the light of Hochma manifests. However, in the light of Hassadim, we already feel that we are in a spiritual state. Crimes turn into mistakes, and therefore, we are considered incomplete righteous.

Only our desire, our prayer, can attract the light of Hassadim to us, which can give us the quality of bestowal. We must unite and cry together to the Creator, like chicks in a nest opening their mouths greedily. The main condition is: to aim for Him together, otherwise, it will not be for the sake of bestowal.

If I alone aim for the Creator, I turn into Klipa because I demand for myself. The condition for the right demand for light that will correct me and open my eyes is to ask for everyone. This is a very clear test.

It is said, “Either the society or death.” If I ask for everyone, I receive life, and if I do not ask for the group, I doom myself to death.

Without darkness, there will be no light, and therefore, “There was evening and there was morning, one day.” The Creator created darkness, He did not need to create light because the light is His essence.

Darkness is a special creation created by the Creator. This was not easy to do because darkness is the opposite of the Creator. The Creator has to deal with the states that He hates but He did this in order to enable us to understand the darkness and light and become like the Creator, knowing good and evil.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/5/20, Writings of Rabash, Article 34, “What Are Day and Night in the Work?” (1988)

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