The Building Blocks Of Light And Darkness

Laitman_032.02It is an art to be able to handle the revelation of darkness as it gets stronger and stronger. From experience, a person understands that darkness comes only in order to point him in the correct direction.

He loves the darkness, appreciates it, and tries to experience it in perfection. The darkness is only felt in his egoism, while he is above it and can build the force of bestowal above the darkness, revealing the Light in it.

It is a multi-layered state, like a sandwich. The darkness is revealed at the bottom. Then comes the right attitude to it—understanding that it is here to help you, that it is the revelation of a new degree—and then you have to rise above it.

At first, I get scared (“You hid Your face, and I got frightened”) and try to flee the danger and evil that is revealed in the darkness. But then I stop myself, realizing that the darkness is here to help me and that I should not curse it. Just the opposite, it draws me closer to the Creator, like a frightened child who clings to his mother more tightly. The same is true for me! Therefore, I see that the darkness is help from above.

I love this darkness and even want to intensify it, to draw it closer. I begin to work with it intentionally, actively, with full understanding. My life becomes constructive: Light and darkness become the two forces, the two lines, which let me progress. That is how I turn darkness into help. I await the darkness, searching for more ways to cling to the Creator.

At first, I still fear darkness because it brings unpleasant feelings with it: fears, disturbances, uncertainty. But gradually, I begin to understand how helpful the darkness is because the advantage of the Light is known only from darkness. So, Light and darkness become my building blocks.

The darkness becomes even more important than the Light because specifically out of the darkness I can reveal just how much I want to give pleasure to the Creator. My desire for pleasure is not inspired by darkness, while the desire to bestow is very much inspired by it. Therefore, the Adam (human) inside me rejoices in the darkness and turns it into Light.

Light does not come to a person. The person changes inside and therefore transforms his opinion on what Light and darkness are. That is how he gradually reveals that creation always existed in a perfect state and that he is the one who is always changing, understanding more and more that there is no evil in the king’s palace and no darkness.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/18/18, Lesson on the Topic: “From Obstructions to Ascents”

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