All Of Creation Is The Creator’s Game

Dr. Michael LaitmanA question I received: What game is the Creator playing with us and what is its purpose?

My Answer: As it is written, all of creation is a game. The Creator made the universe and man in it so that through the correct connection with the surrounding universe we would develop and reach similarity with the One (Creator) who created them both. This is called a game because in developing we grow and rise to a higher level of development rather than just simply accumulating knowledge.

We all have to rise to the first spiritual degree. We don’t see it. It’s like in a game: We play and we don’t know what is happening. The outcome of the game is unknown.

The same process is occurring in the development of plants and animals. Everything develops in the form of a game. A game means that one exists on a certain degree, but he cannot discern the next one. However, one makes all possible efforts in order to attain it.

Children, too, play all the time, and through their games they suddenly become smarter and begin to talk and understand. They don’t study a language or science the way we do. They absorb the surrounding world with their desire to understand it.

This is the same for us in relation to the spiritual world. We only need the desire to sense it, and after feeling it, we have to understand and perceive it within ourselves. Suddenly, the spiritual world manifests within us – and we feel it. After all, we are a vessel of sensation, a desire. The understanding and intellect follow the desire.

From the Evening Zohar Lesson 4/21/10

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  1. Sometimes I feel like a donkey. The rider – God – holds a fishing rod, but on the hook is a carrot. I am going forward, because I believe once I can reach the carrot.

  2. Thank you for all your teachings and support.
    As you said, I am begining to have a sensation of being tied to people around me. This feeling started to grow gradually and right now, your words are being felt in my heart as some sort impact that extends as waves to the rest of the body. I think that it is something which is deeper than an ordinary emotion. I feel your compassion towards us.

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