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laitman_962.1Question: From your lectures, I understand that there is an animalistic, egoistic nature of a person. There is also the upper force that leads us to the development of our altruistic nature. However, is it possible to attain this force if we do not experience altruism in action?

Answer: It is very difficult, practically impossible. In order to actually realize a connection with the upper force, you need a group. A small group, preferably of ten people, who will engage in the same development as you.

In principle, you need to develop integral qualities within yourself in order to feel what is outside of you. If you do this in a group together with your own kind, then in the correct connection with each other, you will find exactly in your ten those qualities that begin to detect the external force, that is, the Creator, and you reveal Him in the connection between you.

Question: What you do is also a certain way of serving people, where you give them the opportunity to come into contact with the method of Kabbalah. In other words, this is a kind of altruistic path, and it is not limited to the ten. Does it mean that it does not have to be ten people? Can it also be humanity?

Answer: This is still called a ten, whether it is humanity or several people.

Question: As part of our path of knowledge, is one of the points that we are striving to reach some kind of connection with the absolute through understanding Him completely?

Answer: Yes. This is the result of studying and correctly applying your forces in order to fully connect with the upper force.

Question: Is the other point to which we aim finding harmony?

Answer: Attaining harmony is based on the constant revelation that we are in the opposite state to it. However, the yearning should be precisely for harmony, to include all the forces, all the qualities, all the thoughts into one unified whole.

Question: If a person advancing along his path of knowledge came across one or another Kabbalistic form of truth, then is his further service associated with creating a space where other people can also get acquainted with it?

Answer: Of course. This is the general progress, the general correction of the world, its general advancement toward the goal. And the goal is an integral connection between us by the good forces.

From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/24/20

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