Why Don’t We Feel The Mutual Connection?

laitman_264.01Question: We are all interconnected with each other and with nature. There are certain chains of relationships.

For example, a collision of galaxies causes the formation of stars. Stars cause the formation of iron. Iron flows in our veins, and our hearts beat from this. It is like we are all interconnected by a common heartbeat.

Another chain: thanks to the photosynthesis of bacteria that lived two and a half billion years ago and formed oxygen, we live today.

Another example: there is a common consciousness. Currently people are being born in whom the baggage of experience, knowledge, feelings of past generations has accumulated.

Thus, we are connected by a common breath, a common heartbeat and a common consciousness. And although we understand this, we do not feel it. What other hidden connections exist between us that we don’t know about yet?

Answer: We are connected in one common soul. Our properties, sensations, experiences, thoughts—all this is common.

None of us have anything personal. The only thing that remains for each of us is to connect to a common soul and feel the system of our complete interconnection. And without this, we feel lonely, as sole beings. But this is nothing more than a false idea of our true condition.

Question: What else are we connected with besides thoughts and desires?

Answer: Absolutely everything. There is not a single cell, not a single thought, not a single desire, not a single motivation, nothing that I would have myself without receiving from others or without transforming through myself into others.

Question: Why do we not feel this?

Answer: Because our egoism disconnects us from each other. Although we are completely dependent and integrated into each other, we do not feel so. Egoism, as it were, takes away our consciousness, and we do not understand that we are in an absolute, complete, perfect connection with each other.
From the KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era,” 4/30/20

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