21st Century Woman, Part 1

Laitman_514.02History recognizes many women who were pioneers that paved the way, made changes in the world, and laid the foundation for a more progressive society. Heroic efforts were usually required for a woman to break through prevailing stereotypes and go against accepted norms and cultural traditions.

And yet, history was written basically by men, and there are very few female names in it. Women always remained in the background. After all, history develops in accordance with the general structure of society, the universe, the entire creation, which consists of ten Sefirot.

This structure develops from top to bottom from the Sefira Keter to Malchut. And although everything is intended for Malchut, for the female part of the structure, until her turn comes, until the whole system develops, the role of women is hidden.

This is visible throughout history among all nations and at all times. Only among the people of Israel, has the role of a woman always been more pronounced than that of others as evidenced by these names from the Tanakh: Eve, the wife of Adam, the great women prophetess Batya, the daughter of the Pharaoh, who raised Moses.

“Batya” means “the daughter of the Creator” (bet-yod-hei—ב-י-ה), which speaks of her highest destiny. The Torah (Five Books of Moses) tells about many women who have a special role in history, and always positive.

And during the 2,000 year-long last exile, the role of women went into even greater concealment. To the extent of the depth and the length of the exile, to that extent, the role of women remained in the shadows. And now, as we move out of this exile, women are getting more and more freedom and increasingly important roles. Particularly large changes occurred in the last, 20th century, and even more so today in the 21st century, when women are becoming a dominant part of development.

This is very noticeable in the modern world where so many women occupy leadership positions in enterprises and even as heads of states. Not only is female power growing, but the image of a woman is becoming increasingly important. As a result, we see that the whole world exists in order to raise Malchut, the female part, according to the model of the upper world.

And although Malchut was always concealed because it is the last Sefira, at the last stage, it becomes the most important, leaves concealment, and becomes revealed in the reflected light up to Keter itself. It turns out that the role of women is the most important. And although it is written that “All the glory of the king’s daughter is inside,” since she has been hidden the whole time, now she comes to the forefront and begins to reveal herself as the most important part.

I think that the 21st century will provide women with more time and space so that she can move forward and learn about her role in correcting the world. Such women can lead the world to the sublime goal before us.

In earlier times, the development of women was always late relative to the overall development. The fact is that woman belongs to the tenth part of the general structure. Keter, Hochma, Bina, Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and the last, Malchut, is the female part of the soul. But when Malchut begins to receive, when there is already restriction, screen, and reflected light in which Malchut reaches Keter, then the light comes and illuminates all the Sefirot. The direct and the reflected light are connected together.

And before that, humanity was dismissive to the role of the woman and did not value her dignity. But all this must be corrected in our days as we come to the last stage in which a woman must grow up and show herself.

A qualitative change occurred already in the 19th century, and female power began to break forward. Women received the right to vote in elections, access to higher education. This promoted not only women themselves but society as a whole, its lower social strata. The woman not only enters the historical, social, government stage but also pulls up the weak social strata, which could not have risen otherwise.

A woman changes everything. We must only give a place to one woman, allow her to prove herself, and the whole life changes. And our time is special in that we are coming to the end of the correction of the world. A lot still needs to be corrected, but we are already at the finish line. And therefore, the role of women is becoming more and more noticeable day by day.

A woman will demand more and more because her natural forces are pushing her. And on the other hand, the male half of humanity will bow more and more to women. Therefore, it is necessary to explain to a woman her role and duty to fulfill it, and to not neglect her.

If women do not fulfill their leading role, they seem to leave it for men. But men can no longer act as they did before. It turns out that men are no longer acting, and women are not acting yet, and we fall between two chairs, which is very dangerous. These are the times we are entering today.
From KabTV’s “Women in the New World,” 6/30/20

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