A Woman’s Role In The Spiritual Development Of Humanity

laitman_237Question: What is a woman’s role in critical points in the history of mankind?

Answer: At all the critical turning points in the history of mankind, since ancient times to the present day, it was actually the woman who is the most crucial factor. The first great woman was Eve, thanks to whom the ego as the great egoistic force that develops the world was revealed. Hurray to our common matriarch!

The next great woman was Sarah. It was actually thanks to her that Abraham developed when the Creator told him “Listen to what Sarah tells you.” In fact all the great men we take such pride in were great through listening to their wives. That’s a fact!

Then Abraham’s first born son Ishmael was born from his branch; he was the Muslim prophet and the leader of the Arab nation. He became great thanks to his mother, who was Abraham’s concubine, and Abraham blessed him.

Next came the matriarchs Rebecca, Leah, and Rachel who led their husbands Isaac and Jacob. Jacob received the birthright thanks to his mother’s efforts.

Could the children of Israel enter Egypt without the wife of Potiphar, Pharaoh’s minister, if she hadn’t tried to seduce Joseph and hadn’t locked him up in a dungeon from which he was released a hero? It is thanks to his sister Miriam that Moses found himself in Pharaoh’s palace, where Pharaoh’s daughter Batya raised him. Then when he lived with Jethro, Moses married Tzipora who guided him, bore his children, and sent him back to Egypt, telling him that he must go back to his people.

During the exodus from Egypt, the women constantly supported the men and inspired them with their songs. They obliged them to establish good connections with each other. They surrounded the men at Mt. Sinai and pressured them to discover the Creator. With the Creator in the middle and the women from behind it was impossible not to receive the Torah.

When the people of Israel entered the Land of Israel, women prophets emerged who became the leaders of the nation. But they were a completely different type of prophet than Sarah, Rebecca, Leah, and Rachel. They were on a higher spiritual level than the men. Learned men with white beards used to come to them for serious internal spiritual advice.

We see the same thing when the people were in the second exile in Babylon when Queen Esther managed things secretly and subconsciously. The word “Esther” stems from the Hebrew word “Histara” – concealment, and this is the reason that the great book about the exodus from the exile in Babylon is called The Book of Esther (the revelation of the concealment).

The dynasty of Israel was founded thanks to Ruth who belonged to another nation and joined the nation of Israel saying “this home will be my home.” She became the great-grandmother of the greatest Jewish king, King David. In Israel, the monarchy was not inherited like in other nations, but the king was crowned according to his spiritual level. Therefore, Ruth can be called the mother of the dynasty that was on the highest spiritual level.

King David attained great heights and became the greatest spiritual leader in our world thanks to his relationship with a special woman Bat Sheba, thanks to whom he ascended to the next level. His great accomplishments and his awe from the Creator are expressed in his book Psalms, which the whole world cites to this very day.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/29/16

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  1. Very nice article.. and certainly worth appreciation and thought as just a little over half of the planet is female…imagine what would happen if women worked together to support one another to instigate change for a better sort of world…working with and influencing their male counterparts to see the long lasting benefit in this….sadly the value of this influencing and nurturing role has been demeaned and certainly not correctly protected in most societies…the results are quite apparent…

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