My Greetings On International Women’s Day

laitman_572_02Dear Women!

You are a very important part of humanity!  It is through the connection between man and woman that man actually discovered the Creator. We all know that we wouldn’t have fallen from the Garden of Eden into the temporary life on earth if it hadn’t been for the woman. Now thanks to our being here, we can re-ascend to what is called The Garden of Eden but to a much, much higher level than the one we fell from.

The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us about what we attain when we ascend to the Garden of Eden after the sin of the “Tree of Knowledge,” which was committed by the woman. Everything is fulfilled according to a predetermined script: we ascend 125 levels higher than the level we were on in the past.

Therefore, we must first thank the woman for bringing us down to the earth so we would actually be able to acquire a greater upper spiritual level. Secondly, when Abraham first discovered the Creator he was told: “Listen to what Sarah tells you.” We also have three matriarchs: Rachel, Rebecca, and Leah who were all great prophetesses.

Throughout history since the destruction of the Second Temple to our very days, women were the basis that holds, nurtures, and sustains the people. The Torah says: “a woman is a home,” and so she is the foundation and the basis of all the people.

Today women precede men in their yearning for the goal of creation, the wisdom of Kabbalah, and the attainment of the Creator, and are ready to do everything heroically and with great dedication in order to bring the nation to the upper attainment.

I therefore thank you for your tremendous valuable investment that cannot even be measured in the development of humanity and the development of the wisdom of Kabbalah. Thank you for preparing us for the spiritual ascent. It is a special gift that you give us every day, us men and all of humanity. We should constantly be grateful for that and not only on March 8th, Women’s Day.

Good luck, good health, and higher spiritual attainment for all of us!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/6/16

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  1. If Kabbalah was around before all religion including Judaism, how and why did it become the province of the Jews and judaism? Taught seemingly mostly be Jews, and is viewed as a Jewish spirituality.

  2. Very Nice article. And dear Carol…who knows? Really. There are so many different ideas out there. It can be confusing and exhausting to research them all and this particular one is particularly difficult. However, the main thing seems to be the search for a greater truth. It does seem to be true that if you actually read the texts and compare and notice you will see elements of kabbalah forming the basis of thought in many other non- Jewish places. It is interesting.

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