Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 12/6/15

Laitman_013_05Question: When one is creating a partnership, is it necessary to inform the partner immediately that you are studying the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: Yes, certainly. From the moment you get to know the person for the first time, you must feel his attitude toward this. It is even better to remember that, as a general rule, it is doubtful if a person “from the outside” will be compatible as a partner for you. It is preferable to choose him from our groups throughout the world.

Question: Why does a man need to provide for his wife?

Answer: That is customary in all cultures. A woman is the home. She must give birth and educate the children, and be involved with home economics, whereas a man must “go out to hunt and bring home the mammoth.”

Question: Does sex interfere with spiritual growth?

Answer: No.

Question: Why have men and women been compelled, as becomes clear in old age, to be involved with unimportant things for their entire lives?

Answer: It depends on how they carry out their lives. They can live on an animal level; they can live like angels.

Question: Can I unite with my wife without being present in a group?

Answer: You can, but this is not easy.

Question: According to what criteria should a Kabbalist choose a husband?

Answer: It is according to maximum purposefulness, loyalty to the group, studying, and things like that. If you are ready to choose, choose like that.

Question: If a man doesn’t provide for his wife materially but is involved with spirituality, must he provide for himself?

Answer: As a general rule, in our day, a man cannot provide for his family. We have been put into such circumstances that two salaries are necessary to provide for a family. There is nothing special about this. So, a woman doesn’t need to set conditions for a man to be involved with the wisdom of Kabbalah only after he provides for her. If a husband works normally and gets paid, you can’t demand more from him than this.

Question: If a man needs a woman in order to advance spiritually, does the Creator bring him to a partnership or is this a person’s choice?

Answer: No, a man himself must try to find a wife, a woman who is next to him. This is so that you will feel that you have obligations and concerns about someone and that, together, you constitute a couple. This is very desirable for spiritual development.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/6/15

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