Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 11/15/15

Laitman_025_01Question: Is the soul transferred genetically?

Answer: The soul is not transferred to anyone, doesn’t disappear, and is not born. The soul is a permanent component a person has that he has only to discover inside him. It exists in each of us like a point, like a drop of semen, which we have to develop. When it develops, a person sees that he doesn’t have to do anything with it since it is perfect and perfectly compatible with his other attributes.

Question: When I study The Book of Zohar I feel a strong emotional struggle. Do I imagine that or do the letters have an effect on our feelings?

Answer: You influence what you are learning. It alters you, squeezes, twists, and changes you internally, and rightly so. As a result, your perception will become more three-dimensional. Continue and you will see how it makes a person more versatile.

Question: I used to be a Protestant and lived in a monastery for four years. Fate brought me to the wisdom of Kabbalah, and when I enter a monastery today I have different feelings. The study of The Zohar has brought me closer to my soul and led me to find a group in which I can develop. Could the study of Kabbalah lead me to another place in life?

Answer: Perhaps, but it makes no difference. You will continue to develop and will constantly be critical of what is revealed to you. Try to look at yourself from the next level, from an upper level, so that you will not continue to develop on the same level that is managed by your mind and your desires and you will not be wrong. Good luck!

Question: Do all our troubles stem from that fact that we remain on the level of the corporeal body and have not been taught to be human?

Answer: Yes, all the troubles we feel are because we have not yet received the right education.

Question: Is an illness a sign that the person has diverted from the right path?

Answer: No, an illness is a sign of the wrong connection with other people in a single system in which we all define one another. We exist in a state called mutual guarantee. My state doesn’t depend only on me but also on everyone else and how I affect everyone.

Question: How do you know if you make the right choice?

Answer: It can only be solved in the group. The right choice can only be if we yearn for unity in our group and thus want to influence the world.

Question: How should I behave with those around me who pull me to a lower level? Should I ignore them or descend to their level for a while? Will I have enough strength to rise again from that level?

Answer: You will need a few other friends to raise the others from a lower level to a higher one. An individual never has enough force to rise again. It can only be done together with others.

Question: Do only people with the point in the heart have free choice or do religious priests, politicians, and scientists also have it?

Answer: Free choice is given to simple people, to the masses. However, those who hold high social positions, like great scientists and politicians, upon whom the destiny of other people depends, freewill is taken. All those who are called world leaders are merely puppets on a string and have no free choice whatsoever.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/15/15

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