Depression And The Meaning Of Life

198Remark: Billions of people who were staying at home during quarantine are now slowly coming out of it. At the same time, a lot of problems arise with a person’s psychology, with finding where to work and what to do. Psychologists say that the main thing is that reducing the pace of life will make us think about how and why we live.

In fact, they say the main problem is when a person begins to think about the meaning of life, what he is living for.

My Comment: This is natural. When he sees his life both in quarantine and without quarantine, before the coronavirus and after the coronavirus, and with new viruses, he will still start to feel, “What is happening to me? Why is nature playing with me?” This is where we need to start organizing a person.

Question: What will you tell him so he would hear, would suddenly feel the light at the end of the tunnel?

Answer: Nature is offering us an ultimate solution: You, all of you together, will have to correct yourself to the likeness to nature, that is, to create a good human community on this Earth. Through the correction of relationships between people, you will begin to feel our world as infinite, eternal perfection.

Question: Should education be directed toward this?

Answer: Nurture the relationship between people so that you create harmonious common humanity.

Remark: I was running around all the time, looking for work, filling myself with work. And now you are telling me, “You came to a halt. Stop. None of this will exist. Start thinking about how to build good connections between people.”

My Comment: Yes. This is the work. This is precisely the work of a person!

Question: Are you referring this to each person?

Answer: Absolutely everyone.

Question: Not only to those who manage people?

Answer: No. To all people. There is no management here. There is more mutual help than management here.

Question: Does it mean that the simplest, most inconspicuous person begins to think, how do I build good relationships with other people—with the inner circle, the far circle, and so on?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Do you call this work?

Answer: Of course.

Question: Should he receive some kind of compensation for this? After all, he must have something to live on.

Answer: He will receive compensation. Human society will be arranged in such a way that it will be paying for this, giving everyone a kind of stipend.

Question: That is, a person is paid for building good connections with others? This is something new, this is a revolution for humanity.

Answer: Why? This is work! Perhaps you will be able to measure it.

Question: Will humanity agree to this? After all, someone has to pay for this.

Answer: It will have to agree.

Question: Firstly, where can we get money to pay people for such work, which, in principle, was not considered work before?

Answer: Money is printed; there are no problems with this. We can print notes or maybe tokens.

People will work at necessary-for-society enterprises, which will be constantly reorganized so that they are as environmentally friendly as possible. That’s it!

Let’s say that 20% of people, constantly replacing one another, will have to work at these enterprises that produce what people need. Only for people and only what people need. They will spend all the rest of the time and effort on creating a correct connection between themselves.

Question: To do this, a person will have to study. As you already said, 20% of the people will be working, replacing each other. And 80% will be sitting at desks, from young to old. Will they be paid for learning how to build good connections with each other?

Answer: Yes. There will be a necessary living standard and that is it. And there will be a very kind, good atmosphere.

Question: There will be no depression?

Answer: No. First of all, envy will disappear. Envy will remain only in the form of, “Can I do as much for society as others, and not less?” Meaning, positive envy.

Question: In what will a person feel the meaning of life then?

Answer: He will attain the Creator in a correct connection between him and the others. This is the reward that is more elevated and perfect than any other. He will feel his life as eternal, perfect, and complete.

Question: Why will the Creator come to a person the moment he builds good connections with others? Why will the Creator be revealed to him?

Answer: According to the law of equivalence of form between the Creator and a person who builds himself in good relationships with others.

Question: Let’s say that the Creator is revealed to me, to the ordinary person. What does it mean for me? What is it?

Answer: The feeling that you exist in an eternal, perfect space. The entire cosmos, everything around you, feels like your home, your eternal, perfect state. You perceive this not through your body, not through your animalistic state, but rather through another, more elevated state, which is called “soul.” This is natural and accessible to everyone.

I am sure that this will become a very urgent need in the coming years.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/25/20

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