“No Bullying And No Survival Of The Fittest”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 8/18/20

A friend told me that psychologists say that our biggest problem is that when life slows down because of the coronavirus restrictions, it makes us think about why we live. In fact, they say that the main problem is when a person begins to think about the meaning of life, what he is living for.

To this, I can only say that the coronavirus came specifically in order to make us think about the purpose of our lives. But it didn’t come to make us miserable. On the contrary, it came to teach us what real happiness is. By forcing us to think of one another, even if it’s only in order to avoid contagion, it is inadvertently shaping us into a community, making us notice, and eventually care for one another. And by correcting our relationships, we will begin to feel the world we live in, and not just ourselves. Just as the cells in our body “feel” and are “conscious” of the entire body, we will feel and be conscious of the entire world.

There will be no fear among us, no ruling or bullying, no survival of the fittest attitude, but rather mutual support, care and consideration of each other, just as all the cells and organs have their unique traits but work for the sake of the entire body. We can already hear people saying that everyone needs to wear face masks not in order to avoid catching the virus, but in order to avoid infecting others. This is just the first step in the establishment of a completely new reality—one that is based on consideration, compassion, and care.

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