Can A Person Choose Something Freely?

laitman_546.03Question: Our nature is egoism, which works according to the program “maximum pleasure for minimum energy consumption.” We probably have some choice within this framework. However, this choice is not free because there still is a framework.

For example, I can say that now I choose to drink tea or coffee. But in fact, this decision has already been made by some predetermined conditions. Can a person choose something freely?

Answer: No. Absolutely nothing.

According to Kabbalah, the only thing we can do is influence the environment that shapes us. We cannot influence ourselves directly, but we can choose the environment and influence it so that it will be like this and not different. By environment, we mean a lot of factors that affect us, shaping who we will be.

Question: Let’s say there are rich people who send their children to study at Oxford. They sort of choose this environment. But is this really a choice?

Answer: Yes, this is some sort of a choice.

Question: Again, within a certain framework. What I am interested in is whether it is even possible for a person to choose neutrally?

Answer: No. On the basis of what data will he choose neutrally? There must be primary parameters.

Question: Then what does it mean that he chooses the environment? This is not a choice either.

Answer: No, it is still a choice from several possible options. Maybe we do not know why he chose this one. Some circumstances, hormones, genes, and so on prompted him from within.

Nevertheless, we are still not free to do anything. We are free only to direct ourselves to the most correct goal possible with the help of an appropriate environment.

Otherwise, I can choose a different environment, for example, some criminals, thieves, and thus ensure a completely different future for myself.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/7/20

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