Find A Middle Ground

760.4Comment: I am being pulled to the bottom by my usual way of life. And all those with whom I communicate do not believe in the possibility of change. From this, hands fall, and the desire to move forward disappears.

My Response: So what? Hands drop down, you don’t want to move forward, don’t move. All the same, life will force you.

You just need to find a middle ground for yourself. Do not rush to jump headfirst into something, but walk measuredly, clearly, and with the help of Kabbalah analyze everything that you meet in life. This will teach you the right approach to the world very quickly.

Question: But is there a life path that leads to success, or is it a loose concept?

Answer: Of course there is. But it is already destined for you, and you reveal it either in a good way, or in an bad way. These are such different paths that it seems to you that they are different lives.

Comment: It turns out that in this life we can either walk our path of spirituality and comprehend something or end our days in ignorance.

My Response: You will appear again in a new incarnation.
From KabTV’s “Together About Important Things” 7/14/20

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