The Virus Should Have Appeared

273.02Question: In what situations should a person follow the majority and in which the opinion of one person?

Answer: I don’t think that in our time when the mass media have great power, there are such concepts as the majority and the minority. After all, those who have the media in their hands, they practically have the future of society and humanity. Those in power have long understood this, and all this is at their mercy.

But the fact is that, on the one hand, this is what a person in our world wants to hold in his hands. On the other hand, the world still moves according to its own system.

Therefore, upon exiting the coronavirus, we will see that nature will not allow us to restore past production, past commodity-money relations. They have to change. Man is still changing, he will not strive for the past state, no matter how much the rich and those in power want it.

Question: Do you still hope for a change due to some external factors?

Answer: Maybe these are not external factors, but they already exist in society.

Comment: Indeed, when the coronavirus appeared, no one could have assumed that such changes would occur in society.

My Response: Yes. We can scold China or someone else who, in our opinion, was the cause of the virus, but this is not the point. The real reason is higher than our nature, higher than what we know. This virus had to appear as humanity brought itself into a crisis.

Question: Do you think it is correct to use public opinion polls for decision making?

Answer: In general, yes. At least they talk about how correct or not the processing of public consciousness is and how much public consciousness, after everything that happens to society and what it is stuffed with, comes to the right decision. So this data is very important. Whether they are correct or not is another question.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/7/20

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