Female Commander

566.02Comment: During the pandemic, studies were conducted and found that countries led by women were more successful in fighting the pandemic than those led by men.

My Response: I talk about it all the time. Men are about appearance. And the woman takes full responsibility. Just as a woman rules everything at home, so our whole world is our home. Therefore, there must be a female majordomo.

Comment: Psychologists at Stanford University said that a female politician should belong to the “chameleon” type, skillfully combining male and female political qualities.

My Response: That’s all she has. Look at how a woman commands the house, what order she has at home. Leave your husband alone for a week—and then she’ll be cleaning the apartment for a month. This is clear to everyone.

Question: So it’s not news to you that women are running the country?

Answer: This is a fact for me! This is given to us by nature. The house is named after the woman, not the man. Therefore, we must make women the managers of countries and men the executors of these duties. In short, you need a strong, reliable, good, smart, wise female hand. That’s all. The world doesn’t need anything else. We’ll go fishing and play dominoes. 🙂

Question: Will a woman stop war? Will this stop hatred?

Answer: Sure. And internal wars, both in the state and between states. We are turning over in our time. We are entering a very different era in which a woman can command. And we see the world turning over. It is necessary to give women the opportunity to manage. And this is very good! The less men meddle with their inventions, children’s games, the better.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/11/20

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