“If You Imagine The Psychological State Of All Humanity As An Individual, How Would You Diagnose Humanity At The Moment? Is It Becoming More Or Less Sane Or Is It Remaining Fairly Stable?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: If you imagine the psychological state of all humanity as an individual, how would you diagnose humanity at the moment? Is it becoming more or less sane or is it remaining fairly stable?

Humanity is currently living under the rule of its egoistic nature, i.e., a nature that makes each person prioritize self-benefit over benefiting other people, society and the ecology.

Moreover, humans are the only part of nature under egoistic control. The rest of nature—from still matter through plant and animal life—is bonded integrally by altruistic ties.

The human ego cuts us off from the sensation of nature’s altruistic quality, making us disagree with thinking and wanting to benefit the system we exist in. In other words, contrary to the way cells and organs act to only receive what they need for their survival, and give all surplus for the benefit of the whole organism that they exist in, we think and want solely with “What will I get out of it?” at the basis of our every calculation, which leads us to even act detrimentally toward others in the name of personal gain.

Nature has implanted this egoistic modus operandi into us so that we would eventually realize how it leads us to an impasse, and desire to change our egoistic nature.

Therefore, a diagnosis of humanity at its current state of development is that it is nearing such a revelation. At the moment, our egos make us increasingly destructive to each other and to our planet, and we also witness how nature becomes increasingly intolerant of our opposite mode of behavior. In other words, we head deeper and deeper into a crisis, but we have yet to reach such a depth where we will simply raise our hands and wish for the right kind of change.

The coronavirus pandemic is a prime example of how nature reacts to our rampant unabated egoism today. With the coronavirus, nature has forced us to become more cautious with each other, i.e., with the social distancing conditions implemented globally. If we fail to upgrade our attitudes to each other according to our own will, then nature sends us situations to do so against our will.

However, I still see that we fail to draw the correct conclusions from this situation we are now in. We have reached no understanding of the deeper causes behind the virus, and avoid responsibility on our behalf for its spread. We merely await its end so that we can let our egos loose on the world once again, and remain blind to how nature will send us much more difficult states the more we neglect self-transformation.

Until we reach the conclusion that our egoistic nature needs changing, we will continue trying to exploit nature by all possible means, failing to foresee the next smack nature will deliver us to once again hint at how the way we are headed is incorrect.

I thus hope that we will wake up to this change sooner rather than later, out of our own awareness, through learning how nature works, how we function within nature, and by exercising how we can accelerate this fateful change with our own efforts to invert our egoistic nature to an altruistic nature in balance with nature.

When we eventually make that change, we will experience a completely new world of harmony, happiness, peace and tranquility, and will look back at our current state as a depraved one: the last throes of death of an egoistic paradigm before our greatest ever transformation.

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