The Era Of Stress, Part 2

Laitman_182.02Question: Is there some kind of solution to avoid this widespread stress of our modern day?

Answer: A solution for avoiding stress cannot exist because our entire life is controlled by egoism, which at all times demands maximal success and does not permit us even one calm moment.

The general, collective ego arouses constant stress that only grows from generation to generation. Human society arranges everyone along steps of a ladder, giving to each his part of honor and respect, this creates the desire to avoid feeling oneself lower than others, feeling oneself despised in their eyes.

Each person wants to present themselves as being successful and special, that is our nature. And that is why there is no escape from stress, and to the degree it constantly grows, we will have even greater problems associated with it: heart disease, psychological and emotional disturbance, etc.

Question: Are there people who are less susceptible to stress? Those with calmer personalities?

Answer: That doesn’t mean they are calm. These types of people just seem like that on the outside, and they may even consider themselves calm, but this has nothing to do with there being less stress for them. It’s just that the evidence is less apparent.

Doctors say that stressful internal states are almost unrelated to the type of personality a person has: melancholy, sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic. Stress still has an internal effect, these types of people are just more introverted.

Question: Why does our desire for fulfillment grow more and more and is never satisfied? Doesn’t this create a situation where stress only grows?

Answer: That is how it is pre-programmed by nature in order to bring us to complete despair, the sense of helplessness, to complete disillusionment in our egoism that is always pushing us to achieve the unachievable. Every time our possibilities for success seem bigger and bigger, every time it seems that we are getting closer, it disappears, it grows nearer and disappears. And all this happens so we understand this game and become convinced that our egoism will never bring us success but only problems, illness, and death.

We exist within laws of nature and are the effects of it. Nature moves us and develops a desire to receive pleasure in us. And if we cannot fulfill it, then it means that there is a program within nature to lead us to despair.

Comment: This doesn’t seem like a very good program.

My Response: It is a very wise program that gives us the opportunity to get to know our nature and realize its evil inclination. With egoism we will never achieve any success; this is already evident in all of our societies. We achieved great advancements in the sciences, culture, education, but what did they bring us, other than a global crisis?

Instead of blossoming, we experience the opposite, we feel we are miserable failures, miserably sick, more so than in all the previous generations.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/27/17

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