Friends Relieve Pain And Stress

laitman_940In the News (Science Daily): “People with more friends have higher pain tolerance, Oxford University researchers have found.

“’To test this theory, we relied on the fact that endorphin has a powerful pain-killing effect — stronger even than morphine.’

“The researchers therefore used pain tolerance as a way to assess the brain’s endorphin activity. If the theory was correct, people with larger social networks would have higher pain tolerance, and this was what their study found. Friendships may really help take the pain away!”

My Comment: All of us are completely interconnected in a single system, so to the degree we maintain connections between people, we can also share both good and bad feelings.

If we are connected in good relationships, unpleasant sensations completely disappear. If we take on concern for others in their place, then we necessarily free them from thoughts about themselves, from the ego, and they can feel the Creator.

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