An Embryo Without An Egg

Laitman_049_01Question: Soon it will be possible to give birth to children without the participation of an ovum. Experiments like this are being conducted on mice. According to research published in the journal Nature Communications, they have already succeeded in giving birth to healthy mice this way by “persuading” the sperm that it is fertilizing a regular ovum.

One of the possibilities for the future is that normal cells from the human body combined with sperm cells can create a fetus. In other words, parents can be two men or one man from whom they take the cell and the sperm.

Where will experiments like this lead?

Answer: This will lead us to an understanding that our existence is from protein, a very primitive animal.

It is possible to conduct experiments, but I don’t think that humanity will need to give birth this way because we could make our lives simpler, more successful and orderly without the investment of many resources in biological robotics.

One way or another, the question about the meaning of life will arise for a person: What is he existing for? Is it to maintain particular roles and functions?

Although it would be possible to create a society divided into different classes, from workers to the highest levels, transforming some people into servants, others into soldiers, and another group into cleaners,etc. What is the benefit from this? Will the class, which decides who will be created and how to dispose of those created by them, derive a benefit?

I don’t believe that the program of creation will be able to advance this way because nature has its own program that we have not developed. Rather, it is what develops us!

In any case we must realize the program of creation and attaining a unique, mutual, integral environment for all of humanity, and in this way discover the characteristic called the Creator. In this case, we can rise to the next level in which our bodies will no longer exist.

There is no reason for performing experiments with cells. On the next level there will be other experiments on higher matter with higher properties, not on living matter. A state of infinite wholeness will be found there.

I think we will reach this much more quickly than the partial success of biological experiments.

Question: How can we bring everyone to the new state as quickly as possible?

Answer: Only suffering will push humanity toward solving the problem.

In the meantime, we are preparing the method. When people will ask themselves: “What is the benefit from this life? What is its meaning?” The fact that it was plagued by physical or mental suffering, due to their lack of inner fulfillment, they will turn to our method, which will have already been developed and can be offered in a comfortable form for every user.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 9/14/16

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