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Destruction is beneficial had our task not been to reveal the Creator. And only the necessity of revealing Him will push us to rise above our egoism so that in the struggle against it we could create a place for revealing the Creator above the two opposites.

Every thing in the world exists for supporting its opposite. There can’t be only one side, and our task is to balance all the systems. Their final balance will be the end of correction and the manifestation of the Creator—the middle line.

We will never be able to destroy the opposite point of view because by destroying the enemy we are destroying ourselves with a boomerang. I must care that the enemy exists, because this is how he helps me reveal my opinion.

I shouldn’t give up my opinion, because I received it from the Creator. I just have to admit that another, opposite opinion also has the right to exist on par with mine. Due to the fact that we are creating a place, not instead of ourselves but next to us, do we build the Creator.

Adhesion is achieved though combining plus and minus. It is impossible to achieve adhesion without hatred. Otherwise, what is the basis of building a connection if not rejection? My thoughts and desires should enter between your molecules and fuse us together…

Everything that happens is like a movie being played by the Creator. I want to see Him through this film without losing touch with Him. I also want to build my own screen to be constantly aimed at the Creator. This is how I come to work under the guidance of the upper force.

The Creator has neither form nor image, but I construct Him out of the desires that He supplies to me. Destroying any phenomenon in the world is the gravest crime! How do we combine all of the world’s forces, which naturally all stem from the Creator, into a single system of Adam (man)? By making concessions to unify.

All the forces, from the most negative to the most positive, must be integrated in the system of Adam, man. From the left to the right, from black to white, all the minuses and pluses, and everything in between, just as in the body. This is the way to solve the problem of #hatred facing the world today.

No one should think about hatred toward others and canceling them. Rather, each should be given space so that, through mutual concessions, we can create space for the Creator to dwell. Only the correct mutual utilization of opposing viewpoints will allow us to build a place for the Creator’s revelations, on top of our mutual concessions.

If we create a place, a common desire, for the Creator’s revelation, then the concept of “There’s None Else Besides Him” becomes truly real. After all, by canceling our desires to enjoy and wishing to connect all together above them, we build something that hasn’t existed until now
On this it is written, “You have created Me.”

We have always developed under nature’s influence. But what makes our generation special is that we must begin to develop consciously. Whereas before nature pushed us to develop like animals, today it demands that we understand the purpose behind its pressure—to unite above the ego.

Kabbalah says that we’ve entered a new period of human development. Until now, our development was driven by pressure from nature. From here on, we will develop in harmony with it. We won’t be able to receive from nature with the ego, by force, but only by realizing that its goal is to unite everyone. We will have no choice but to submit!

We must stop perceiving what’s happening as a crisis. Nature is operating by its own laws. But we don’t understand them, which is why we don’t conform to them. Therefore, the crisis isn’t in nature, but in our lack of understanding of nature.

We’re entering a new format of existence. Education must prepare mankind for it. After all, the essence of education is teaching people to live in nature and in society. And nature demands of us a more integral cooperation of everyone with everyone.
This is the main change in our universal #education.

With each passing day, more and more people realize that what they’re experiencing aren’t accidental shocks, but a planned program of society’s development by nature, in which nature’s goal is to bring people to a conscious similarity with all nature. To connect with all nature—not instinctively, as its parts, but consciously, through efforts…
From Twitter, 8/8/20

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