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The world is trying to escape evil, but we mustn’t just escape, we must reach goodness, build relationships in which the Creator is revealed. Today’s crisis is an opportunity to build anew, to organize a network of connections that will be a vessel in which the Creator is revealed.

The blows received from the #Coronavirus will eventually cause all of humanity to bow, settle in, and calm down, realizing that there is an upper force at work here that will not allow us to do whatever we want: neither right nor left. We’ll have to submit to the influence of the third force—the Creator.

The longer the #Coronavirus goes on, the more unrest there will be in #Israel up to civil wars. Egoism is growing every day and will not let us calm down. Reconciliation among the Jews can only be in the middle line, above the egoism on all sides. Only the upper light will do it!

The Jewish wars were not with the Greeks or Romans, but between the Jews. And there is nothing new in today’s unrest, it is revealed again as thousands of years ago, the war of egoism that does not want to yield to anyone. Until our egoism reveals its hollowness and asks for correction.

In the uncorrected state we are the evil of the world, but in the corrected state we become the opposite—all good. Therefore, it is said that when Israel rises, it rises above all, and when it falls, it falls below all.
After all, we are the essence of the greatest desire to enjoy of all the nations of the world.

Love, awe, and faith are the qualities of the network that connects us. Above the globe, we’re connected by a single network. Let’s imagine it, and begin to feel that it really exists and has power. It is the Creator who awakens us to this connection, gives us strength, and supports us.

The coronavirus stopped our egoistic development because we couldn’t stop ourselves. We must see the guiding hand of the Creator in everything and see that all that happens is a correction, and that there is no evil in the world.
My ego does not let me to see the future as long as I am looking for its solo benefits.

Israel will feel the pandemic more than any other country, for #Israel is to blame for it according to Kabbalah. Redemption is only possible by the Jews aspiring to the good connection of “Love your neighbor.” Otherwise, it will become increasingly clearer how the Creator is leading the people to correction via the path of suffering that they themselves choose.

We are interpreting our state incorrectly. We’re like a sick person who thinks he’s perfectly healthy, with a full life ahead. All the signs of humanity’s extinction are evident. We cannot ignore them. Everything must be subject to being healed from the exacerbating ego.

The #US economy is in a sharp and deep decline, more than in the other countries. With its crude capitalism, it’s closer to the recognition of evil and true socialism. Especially with the US being the modern Babylon. Other countries are stuck, inflexible. Nature’s blow looms in the winter! The remedy is connection!

The science of Kabbalah teaches the correct use of two opposite forces of nature: reception and bestowal, hatred and love. Nothing should be destroyed! If we combine and balance them correctly, we will achieve similarity to the Creator.
There is nothing superfluous in the world, we just need to balance these forces.

The spiritual embryo floats in the mother’s waters—in the light of Hassadim with which it is born. If we unite in a healthy embryo, we’ll feel that we are in the light of Hassadim, in the sea of mercy. We, the soul, the embryo, will grow and learn to see the new world. Before we’re born there!

By uniting we’re building a body of the new-born humanity, we must unite in a way for us to be born healthy. The #Coronavirus is helping us advance toward spiritual birth, leaving only necessities. It is a cure for the crisis, not a punishment. The Creator’s blows are His remedy!

The crisis that the #coronavirus has led to is the birth of a new world. We entered as an embryo into the process of preparing for birth in the new world. Nature, the Creator, is pregnant and must give birth to us. We must help Him, agree with this process, unite more, and prepare for birth.

There may be internal enmity in other nations, but there is no such hatred as between the people of Israel because we hate the Jews within ourselves. The inner Jew is a desire to unite above the ego, to show the world that it is possible to live in a corrected world.

All our misfortunes are caused by the fact that we do not get along with each other and cannot achieve unity among the people of Israel. On the outside, it seems that the enemies are to blame for the destruction, but the foreign external force only executes the sentence; we are the ones who activate it within our people. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

Abraham taught his disciples to live by the law of loving one’s neighbor as oneself. This main rule: “love will cover all crimes” separated them from all other nations of the world who remained in Babylon, and later scattered throughout the world.

Representatives of all nations followed Abraham’s call to unite in love. They called themselves Yisra-El (aspiring to the Creator), to unity and love. This dream is still alive in people and is beginning to be realized in our time.

The 9th of Av symbolizes the destruction of the Temple, which occurred due to baseless hatred. The Jews are a nation that Abraham gathered in ancient Babylon when hatred broke out between people and he taught that there is only one remedy against hatred: rising to love above hatred!

These days, it is critical to perform a correction. The world goes through confusing situations, from state to state, without understanding what will happen to it tomorrow. This indicates a high speed of progress and our lack of understanding of where the world is going or where it should end up. Only Kabbalah will show the illuminated path.

“You stand here today” before entering into a covenant to create a place for the revelation of the Creator, a connection between us similar to the upper force, that allows it to be revealed. There is no Creator until we build the quality of bestowal between us and give Him a place where He can dwell among us.

We were connected but had to undergo a breakage in order to rebuild it ourselves. All breakage is a preparation for today’s state. For the first time, we perform an act of unification over all the previous divisions: the First and Second Temples, to build a place of holiness love and bestowal.

We are in turmoil and confusion, with no hope or strength. But through scrutinizing these states, up to the most severe, “the 9th of Av,” the destruction of the Temple, we see that we are unable to do anything. We come to the 9th of Av, when everything collapses without a thread of holiness, except a tiny spark from the Creator.

We make a covenant with the help of the Creator’s spark. From the lowest, most horrible state, we erect the perfect, corrected Kli. The 9th of Av is the day of total breakage, and this same state is the place of construction, correction. “The darkness will shine as light,” and we will thus resurrect ourselves into life.

We inherently contain a contradiction because we have two opposite qualities: our root comes from the Creator, while the entire egoism is a form opposite to the Creator. We are between these two opposites and try to connect them, but this connection occurs by way of collision.

Abraham (3,500 years ago) taught his students to live in accordance with the highest law of nature “Love your friend as yourself,” “Love will cover all crimes.” Observance of these laws separated Abraham’s group from all other nations of the world that subsequently dispersed across the whole globe. But Abraham’s group also fell back into the ego 2,000 years ago.

#Jews are a group that Abraham assembled in Babylon when hatred erupted among the people living there. He taught the method of rising above the hatred to love. The Tower of Babel represents hatred among people. Those who followed Abraham became the people of Israel and the rest remained in Babylon.

We should relate to everything that happens to the people of Israel not in the same way as what happens to an ordinary people. #Israel is a group that must undergo its own path, out of the ego, the quality of reception, and into the quality of bestowal. That is why the Creator has a special relationship with them: their shattering (the 9th of Av) and looming rebirth.

It is written that when the Creator sends blows by this He heals. For He sends blows to our ego, forcing it to yield and make space for the aspiration to come closer together. And we can only get closer together under the pressure of the blows! However, by accepting and understanding them for what they are, we’re hastening time and mitigating the suffering. The virus heals!

The birth canal is narrow, and we’re going to have to get real close in order to come out the other side. By connecting, we’re going to exit it easily. We must change our EGO-values for the things we previously deemed important to become unimportant and the unimportant to become important. Once we turn over head first, we’re going to be of one opinion.

Turning over to head first before labor means a turning over of values from personal to collective. In the new world, to which I wish to be born, the old values (food, sex, family, money, power, knowledge) are losing importance.
Connection becomes of highest priority, in which the new reality is revealed.

Nature turns the fetus upside down and pushes it out of the mother. So we must change our attitude toward the world from egoistic to altruistic. The environment helps us, but the fetus itself exerts tremendous efforts during birth. Let us labor together toward our spiritual birth that lies ahead.

Presently we’re going to have to go through labor pains, to be born in a new quality, out of the quality to receive and into the quality to bestow. But we have no choice. This is preprogrammed by nature. The process is underway! And we cannot avoid it. We can only ease the process of rebirth by aspiring toward unity!
From Twitter, 8/2/20

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