My Thoughts On Twitter 7/26/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

It seems to us that governments are to blame for what is happening, as if they are obliged to monitor everything as educators. Were we meant to obey their instructions? Where is the freedom? If not dictatorship, only the opposite—universal education can build a healthy society.

We have been undergoing an egoistic development for thousands of years. The old died off giving birth to the new. Today, we must realize that egoistic relations are our true enemy. They must be replaced with their opposites. Although they are against our old nature, we need to change them.

There is nothing spiritual in our world except the group. If it’s very difficult for me to join in, to bend, to annul myself, I’ll have a really high ascent with my friends’ help. The group is like a flying saucer, lifting us from this world to the level of the spiritual world.

In this world, I see nothing from the Creator, from the spiritual upper world. But I join the Kabbalistic group and begin to realize that it is given to me as the upper system that I can enter. From the spiritual world a “chariot” descends toward me, which will lift me up to the spiritual world.

Scientists at the @UMNews: the #coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 will not be defeated. Thus we have to live with it. This means that sooner or later people will find that of all the tricks, only mutual closeness (not physical) removes all the problems. The inner evil removes the outer one.

The head of the @WHO @DrTedros warned: We will be not be going back to the “old normal.”
The world must pass through states that will bring the #Jews and then the rest of the nations to the realization of the need to unite within themselves and then with everyone. Only the goal of internal unity will conquer the #coronavirus.

The importance of spirituality rises and falls, but it is essentially expressed in one’s attitude to the group. This is how the spiritual vessel (Kli) is built. This goes against our ego-desire, against our nature, all our attainments disappear in an instant, get erased. Every day we start everything anew.

It is precisely because we always start from a clean slate that we can add to what we had before. If today we started at the height that was achieved yesterday, we would not be able to hold on to it.

Every day I forget yesterday’s state and don’t remember the importance that I saw in the friends, the work in the group, the relationships between us. I start at zero, even at a lower degree, complete rejection. It is therefore easier for me to work. Every day, my efforts are new!
From Twitter, 7/26/20

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