Seeing The World Through The Prism Of Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanI hope that at the last convention we all felt the absolute necessity in the system that must be connected together, like “one man with one heart” in order to reveal the Creator in it. From now on, we should see the entire reality through the prism of the group as the most corrected structure that exists in this world. And all the faults, existing in it, are its peculiarities that are necessary to reveal the upper program and goal, like the “advantage of light from darkness.”

From that moment and on, our task is to strengthen this perception and strive to remain in it. Through the group, the system of relationships that became very important for us, we can relate to ourselves as to its parts. Everyone no longer has anything personal: He feels as an equal member of the common system. The correction of the whole world, every part of it, depends only on the degree of inner connection in the total system.

Studies and dissemination are just factors that contribute to increasing the inner connection. Thus gradually, we will understand the things, which are still distant and concealed from our perception, and discover what the entire reality means and why we should reveal it in this form: experiencing the feeling of separateness and unity. And we have to extend the feeling of this unity further, into a more interior space, into the higher dimensions: in the perception of the Creator.

We have achieved a great deal at the convention, and we need to appreciate this attainment and be afraid of losing it. On the contrary, we constantly need to strengthen and reinforce this sensation so that it becomes clearer to all of us together, in some more, and in some less.

In the coming days, this feeling can still grow and change depending on the extent to which we hold together in relation to the entire world and treasure the feeling of unity that we have achieved and understood in our feelings and mind and the realization that only through it we should view everything. All that happens in the world is only the external manifestation of a lack of unity or its attainment.

We need to use all the opportunities given to us and use all the corrupt and corrected states so that each time we scrutinize our connection more accurately, and through it: the upper Force that is the goal of everything.

We face our daily, special work with which we will advance further. Our reality is not a sequence of conventions; it consists of daily effort to relate to the entire work as a manifestation of our fragmented perception. It depends on how much we want to bring together these separate pieces of the world in order to see, feel, and perceive them as coming together into a single complete mosaic of the world.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/26/12, Writings of Rabash  

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