Life Is A Balance Of Good And Evil

laitman_232.06Opposition parties and trends want to destroy their opponents, but they do not understand that they cannot exist without each other. One should not destroy the other, but rather connect correctly in order to create, by mutual concessions, a place for a third force, which is common to both of them for the Creator.

By my willingness to make room for someone else, I force the Creator to reveal Himself.

This is the only way to achieve pluralism. These are not just beautiful words, rather this must come from the understanding that this is how nature works, and we will not survive otherwise. Everyone is obliged to give place to other opposing currents, respect the opinions of others, and not against one’s will, but out of the awareness that this is how the world is built.

We will never be able to destroy the opposite point of view because by destroying the enemy, we are destroying ourselves as a result. I must take care that the enemy exists because in this form he helps me uncover my opinion.

All of nature exists on the opposition of plus and minus, creating life in all possible forms. Therefore, I must be ready to accept everyone, from the most left to the most right, from opponents to allies, because this is a consequence of the development of human society. All I need to know is how to make the right mosaic out of all these forms in order to see the true humanity in it.

In this form, it comes from the side of nature, which creates all sorts of qualities within it, from which we can know the creation and learn how to exist well and happily. Otherwise, we will fight continuously, like little children. We do not live; instead we are just busy trying to hurt each other.

I have no right to think about destroying any current; after all, I am not the Creator. This desire is a sign of corruption, disagreement with the Creator’s program.

There is room for everyone, but only if we do not destroy each other. This means that even the angel of death turns into a holy angel. He does not cease to be the angel of death, but with his help, the holy angel rises and the two exist against each other.

If one current destroys the other, then it itself has no basis for existence. Therefore, it must make sure that there are opponents. One cannot be without the other.

The world is based on a balance of good and evil, and good people exist because there are bad people. It cannot be otherwise. Both exist in order to create a place for the revelation of the Creator—the source of both of them.

If we descend from the human level to the biological level, we will see that our body has many systems designed to destroy cells and purify the body because without this the body cannot exist. Life is an interweaving of good and evil. The body is a dynamic system that maintains balance all the time, and this is called life. As soon as the balance is disturbed, the body dies.

Anything in the world exists to maintain its opposite. Initially, there cannot be just one side but one can be more noticeable. All systems already exist, and there is room for everything, only some can be revealed to us more and others less, according to our nature. Our task is to balance all these systems, and their final balance will mean the end of correction.

At the end of correction, all evil and all good are revealed, and we see that what seemed to us as evil was actually good. This is when we reach perfection.

The coronavirus and other problems awaiting us will lead to such an explosion of hatred that humanity will begin to destroy itself. Therefore, we need to convey to people that in our society, in the environment, in the system of Adam HaRishon in which we exist, there is nothing superfluous that can be destroyed and removed from the world. We just need to organize the correct mutual connection between all the opposite parts.

This makes everyone wiser. One understands the other, the opposite opinion, and realizes that it is impossible without it because they support each other.

Imagine that all the 150 countries that exist in the world suddenly realized that they need each other: They all need Russia, America, China, Japan, Europe, and Africa. Then how the world would have changed, how much would it have saved in resources, money, and the costs of weapons and the military.

We will soon see that without implementing this principle, the world is simply rolling into an abyss. We will find ourselves increasingly dependent on each other, but we will not be able to unite.

Everyone should understand that any phenomenon has a place in the world. All the opposite movements and forces need each other and must treat each other well because the upper nature obliges us to this.

Therefore, it is necessary not to destroy and eliminate the enemy, but rather to exist together against each other. It is in the correct opposition that the possibility of existing at the upper degree is revealed to us. In fact, this is why the opposite forces are revealed in order to oblige us to rise to the next degree.

There again the opposing forces will be revealed, which, if we treat them correctly, will raise us even a degree higher—to their cause. Thus, we will rise until we discover that the cause of everything is the Creator, for whom good and evil mutually support each other, and there is no good without evil and no evil without good. In general, good and evil disappear, and everything merges in the Creator.

We all have different opinions, and we do not change our opinions to someone else’s, like two people sitting in the same car and arguing which way to go. We cannot find a solution this way. The only solution is to reveal the Creator through mutual concessions, and He will already show us further direction. This direction is not the one indicated by one of us or the other, but the one that is generalizing all our opinions.

This is why the Creator is called generalization. He will lead us in His direction where all our opposites are connected into one whole, where there is no opposition and everyone is equal, everyone is good and is in love and unity.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/3/20, Love Covers All Transgressions

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