Black And White And Everything In Between

laitman_207Who is my opponent? Didn’t the Creator create him, doesn’t his power come from above? By acknowledging his right to exist, I acknowledge the Creator. All my work is to reveal the Creator through adhesion with Him. But the Creator is a collection of all aspirations, desires, qualities, which I organize correctly, collecting the image of the Creator in this mosaic.

The Creator has no image and form besides the one that I will collect from all the details that He created and provided to me. Therefore, just to destroy any phenomenon in the world is the greatest crime.

Let’s detach ourselves from our emotions and judge objectively: How can all the forces in the world, which, of course, come from the Creator, be combined into one system called Adam, human? Of course, all forces must be included in this system from the most negative to the most positive ones, from the left to the right, from black to white, all the minuses and pluses, and everything in between, like in our body.

If we do not fall under the influence of our emotions and we think reasonably, then it will become clear that there is a place for everything. This is the answer to the question of how to solve today’s problem in the world when some people hate others. After all, we see what unrest is taking place in America and Israel where the opposing sides want to destroy each other, erase each other from this world, without leaving even memories.

And this is very bad. We must take care for everyone to have a place. Neither one nor the other can exist without such pluralism. If you shoot wolves, the sheep will also die of disease. If the flies would be sent to destruction, the harvests would be ruined. It’s forbidden to do this. Nature is organized in such a way that although different forces are opposed to each other, they create a place for perfection with their correct combination.

Perfection is the result of the right connection between everyone. There is no good without evil, and evil exists only to reveal good. And we need to build the same relationships between people in human society.

The upper force entrusts us to explain this to the whole world; this is why it brought us to this organization, supports us, and gives us strength. We just need to try to understand it better and better every day in order to match this process and the upper program more and more.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/3/20, Love Covers All Transgressions

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