If A Woman Studies Kabbalah

laitman_570Question: What if a woman starts studying Kabbalah and develops spiritually, but her husband does not, should she stop studying?

Answer: No, you can’t stop it. If you are given the opportunity to develop yourself, your soul, in no case should you stop. Just do so without reproach to your husband.

Tell him that this is your hobby, which makes you feel very good, and it is better to have spiritual adventures than to look for some adventures on the side. He’ll agree to that.

Question: What if he insists on my stopping the studies?

Answer: Why? If the wife is interested in, say, esotericism, something spiritual, he can even brag about it.

Comment: A man is afraid that a woman will change, outgrow him in development, and leave.

My Response: He may be afraid, but we need to make sure that he prefers it over something else. A man always wants his wife to be nearby, to look at him and serve him. Therefore, we must show him that this is exactly what he achieves.

Comment: But as a woman, I can’t influence a man’s choice. After all, to develop with me and grow spiritually will be his own choice.

My Response: Sure. In the spiritual, it is impossible to force anything. Therefore, it is said that in the spiritual there is no coercion, everyone studies as much as one can, as much as one wants. Maybe he doesn’t want to study Kabbalah, but prefers yoga or something else. So be it.

You need to allow another person to do such things through love. There is nothing wrong with this, he still remains your partner, your spouse.
From KabTV’s “Together about Important Things” 7/14/20

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