Why Are Good People Given A Hard Fate?

laitman_565.01Question: Why are good, righteous, pure people given a heavy lot in life, hardships related to coronavirus and all similar events, yet what’s happening in the world does not affect bad people at all?

Answer: Our egoistic world is so distorted that to think that good people should get only good things in it and bad people, bad, is absolutely incorrect.

If good people, who seem to strive for good, sometimes get an evil fate, the blows of fate—this is quite natural. After all, our world is all egoistic and evil. And that is why, there is nothing good to expect from it, especially now, when we are beginning to enter the last stage of our correction, accompanied by a pandemic.

Now there will be such turns that will teach us constantly how to change ourselves correctly in order to be in line with the increasingly manifested integral world.

Question: But can we somehow prepare for this, make some kind of prophylaxis?

Answer: “Prophylaxis” is a good word. I will tell you one thing: We are engaged in this prevention.

The point is that a person must adapt to the future world that is now being born. For this, we must become less egoistic. Therefore, the current virus will shake us and make completely different people. Moreover, by any means, both rough and delicate, depending on how we will succumb to it. This is  first.

Secondly, we need to learn how to unite above our egoism, despite it. It is very difficult.

Everything begins attaining our nature as evil along with the yearning to reach a correct, good relationship between us.

We are entering such a state now when the forces of nature will educate us very seriously.
From KabTV’s “Together about Important Things” 7/14/20

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