A Good Or Bad Example For All People

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn every integral system each one influences the entire system. If there exist general mutual connections and everyone depends upon everyone in a system, it is clear that each smallest part, component, and organ in this system can disrupt or destroy the work of the entire system and serve as a bad example to all the rest.

However, the integral spiritual system differs in this. That same principle also acts positively in it. One destructive part can destroy the entire system and one part that acts correctly can fill it entirely. This is particular addition exists in a spiritual system. Each one absorbs the entire system and therefore can correct them all.

In the meantime, we cannot digest these things. When we begin to feel the structure of the spiritual system through the Light that Reforms, we understand that the whole and the part are equal there. In the meantime, we all have an influence on the importance and dependence of each one on equality.

However, in fact, this spiritual principle, “The whole and the part are equal,” means that there is no whole and no part. Rather, there is only one thing: one Kli (soul) and one Light.

In order to reach the corrected state, we are in a situation that is its opposite. First, through our efforts, we must discover our evil and, after that, reach a state of “Depart from evil, and do good” (Psalms 34:15), and then we discover the lack of the unity that we must attain.

In the process of attaining unity, there is a difference between two parts of the system. One part is called Israel, Yashar El (directly toward the Creator), that has a relationship and connection with the Upper Light, with the higher power, and it can attract it for the purpose of correcting itself and the entire system. This means that Israel must correct itself for the sake of the entire system.

The second part of the system, which is called the “nations of the world,” cannot attract the Light that Reforms by itself and in addition, cannot unite, even though it wants this. So, the part called the nations of the world feels dependent upon Israel negatively because it doesn’t receive nourishment, fulfillment, from Israel. Israel doesn’t reveal unity within itself, and, so, it doesn’t influence and radiate this unity to the nations of the world. This is even though it must be an example to the others and a “light to the nations” (Isaiah 42:6).

This is no ordinary example of good human relationships because it is operating on a spiritual level, not on a human, physical level. The moment Israel unites, it becomes a system through which the Light that Reforms can pass to the nations of the world. Then, they also will be connected, and then their lives will be filled with Light.

So, everything depends upon that part of humanity called Israel, and this is what we see according to the attitude of the nations of the world toward it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/21/14, Writings of Rabash

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