Turn Toward A Person’s Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What actions and efforts must be taken to create a unified European group?

Answer: In general, it is necessary to turn to the desire of a person that has not been fulfilled within him, that pains him. This could be security, health, critical problems of the nation, or the family.

According to what is happening in the world today, we cannot say that people have such desires that we can grasp and attract them to us.

We see how many drug addicts there are in the world. People are running away from problems and taking antidepressants. In this aspect, Europe is not the happiest place in the world. In the undeveloped African nations, people feel much happier than in advanced Europe.

The feeling of happiness doesn’t depend upon a high quality of life. It is impossible to calculate this in terms of wealth or comforts in life. This is the inner state of the person. It could be that he has nothing and he feels free, easy, and simple. He doesn’t think about what will be tomorrow. This doesn’t concern him.

On the other hand, Europeans are concerned about that in another ten years that, all of a sudden, they wouldn’t have a pension. So, they are already in a panic now. In this regard, everything is very personal.

It is necessary to examine this “market” of desires, what the person wants. In every nation, the groups must be involved in examining how to approach this question. We need explore all kinds of sociological surveys, look at the advertisements through which all kinds of charlatans promise people freedom from all problems, determine what the people are turning toward, what are the people’s desires, what catches people on the hook the most. In every nation, this can be different in various layers of the society.

If you do this, you will have a clear understanding of how to go out to the public and what to talk about. You will begin to come in contact with them by reading these materials, and you will begin to absorb their needs and empty and unfulfilled desires into yourselves.

These desires will begin to work in you, and you will begin to think, “How is it possible to approach people? What workshops should be organized? What should I ask them so that they will understand that they don’t have this and this is bad for them here?” That is how we gradually bring them to the conclusion that, with the help of unity, the connection, it is possible to solve the painful problems.

So, the first step toward European unification is to determine the main needs in every region in every issue and their lack of fulfillment, and offer to fulfill them. It is possible to attract people to us only through fulfillment of their ego.

We are not lying because we truly can help them do this.
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria 7/11/14, Lesson 2

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