Two People Are Good, Three Better

Dr. Michael LaitmanGenerally it is hard to find within one person all the good, desired qualities. However, when two or even three people are engaged in integral dissemination they complement one another. Then a new form is created that includes all these qualities. And this is good.

The optimal number of people in a team is three. An odd number is always better than an even one in decision making. However, this does not apply to the tens group where the mutual work is directed towards assembly and tuning between the friends.

In places where three people (as a minimum) work, it is possible to make a decision by a majority of votes: two against one. In this case it is impossible to tell who is leading them.

Therefore, teams which consist of three people or more, like five or seven, are the best. They will be able to organize between themselves the necessary connection to the upper layer of the group and work with the general public.

They should be equal. Otherwise, they will be unable to achieve an altruistic, integral charge which they have to carry to the masses.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time,” 9/25/13

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